Chapter 36

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“I am asking you to marry me”, I proposed very simply but that was all I could manage right now. She focused on the ring before meeting my gaze while my heart was genuinely close to a heart attack.

“What if…I don’t make it-“

“No”, I interrupted the other shaky voice instantly. “Don’t you dare even think like that.”

“Camila…are you sure-“

“Just answer the goddam question, Lauren”, I said more frustrated because my brain could not take any more at this point. “Will you marry me?”, I posed the question I had been wanting to ask for such a long time.

Lauren gulped heavily and I grew nervous because I hadn’t seriously considered the option of her not accepting until now. In my fantasies she had always said yes and now she was taking a few seconds that felt like hours. The emerald orbs focused on my eyes and I felt the biggest lump in the history of the world building in my throat, threatening to suffocate me.

“Yes”, she whispered, putting me out of my misery as the green color of her eyes glistened in tears.

I felt a big sob coming but suppressed it in the very last second since my heart swelled like crazy. At this point I didn’t know why I was crying anymore. Tears of joy mixed with tears of complete anguish probably. The black box was shaking in my hand because I was so jittery but I took a deep breath, grasped the ring and put the empty box down. I was still trembling from the mixture of emotions flowing through my body but managed to take Lauren’s left hand. It took all of my focus for those simple actions. Everything else disappeared for the moment and for that I was grateful. This was not how I had imagined my proposal but she accepted; that was all I needed.

The delicate hand of the brunette spread their fingers lightly so I was able to gently slide the orbital object onto her ring finger. My lungs filled with oxygen and calmed me down further when I saw the diamonds sparkling on her hand. Not until then I looked up again to meet her eyes. I bent down further to finally do what I wanted to do all day; or for the past seven weeks to be more specific. Quickly wetting my lips, my hand softly enveloped hers while the other placed itself on her cheek. I closed my eyes, feeling the last tear leaving the socket when I connected our lips in a tender kiss. The unmatched sensation of our lips lingering on each other intoxicated me once more. Lauren’s lips were surprisingly eager against mine and applied more pressure. I felt them quivering though. So I enclosed them again with more fervor.

She broke the kiss unwillingly because she released a quite sob. The sound broke my heart and I started kissing the cold skin around her lips and cheeks, tracing the marks her tears had left until she pulled me in with her free hand. I took mine off her face and hugged her as best as I could while she rested her head in the crook of my neck. Time passed, I wasn’t sure how much, it could have been just seconds but it felt like an eternity until we had gathered up enough composure to release each other. Placing one last kiss on her forehead, I unbent and saw her eyeing the ring on her finger. She smiled; finally. It wasn’t a big smile but enough to make my heart recover from the absolute devastation it felt when remembering our situation.

There was a light knock on the door before Hanna came in. I felt a little bad about dodging her before but that was the least of my worries right now.

“I don’t mean to interrupt but your scans came back clear”, the blonde woman addressed Lauren who listened carefully. “There is no head trauma so you can go home if someone just watches you tonight.”

“I will”, I said instantly and saw Hanna nodding.

“Ok, then I will get the discharge papers ready. You can get dressed.”

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