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Yoongi gasped loudly as he sat on his knees in front of the TV screen. "Fuck," He exclaimed a tad too loudly. He was currently the only one awake in the house, it was nearing 5am and he hasn't slept yet. He spent his whole night watching high definition youtube videos of the famous actor Park Jimin.

His Grandma had just bought a new flat screen TV, it was a nice size of 80 inches. It was one of the purchases that she has been saving up for. Grandma Min had told Yoongi that it was the time in her life where she needs to spoil herself, Yoongi didn't argue. He figured it would work out for him too, he didn't mind the new appliances.

The current video that was playing was a compilation of parts of dramas that Park Jimin was in where he would take his clothes off. It was mainly just chest shots but that was enough to give Yoongi breathing problems. He inhaled deeply as the next clip was in slow motion and played over again.

"Fuck me," He repeated again, this time much more quiet. Just as the video ended Grandma Min walked out into the living holding tightly onto a long stick. She called it her exercise stick, she would use it daily to try and earn some arm strength. Yoongi thought she was crazy for doing such things like that, he didn't understand why she couldn't just use weights. But every time he complained about it she would fire back with 'I don't see you working out, you weakling,' it usually shut Yoongi up.

Yoongi was so involved with finding another video that he didn't even hear his Grandma's slippers slide across the floor towards him. "Ha... This kid is a beauty," He mumbled to himself as he looked at Jimin.

"Min Yoongi, do you have any idea what time it is?" Grandma Min lifted the stick up and lightly whacked Yoongi's back with it.

Yoongi yelped loudly. "Child abuse!" He fell onto his stomach and curled up into a ball. "Grandma!" He slowly turned his head to look up at the small framed lady. She held the stick over her shoulder and glared down at Yoongi getting ready to hit him again.

"I have a big day of grocery shopping ahead me and your ass is keeping me awake." Grandma Min slowly let the stick rest next to her side. "I want you to go to bed right now, you don't look healthy Yoongi. Please, go get some sleep."

Yoongi sighed softly as he sat back up to look at the TV. "And don't breathe on my TV, you freak!" She grabbed Yoongi's shoulder and started to shake it.

"Grandma," Yoongi complained loudly as she turned the TV off. "I need to watch-"

"Min Yoongi." Grandma Min said sternly.

Yoongi decided to not put up a fight any longer and stood up to his feet. "I'm going," He shook his head and looked down at the floor as he trudged his way to his bedroom.

Grandma Min turned off the living room light then followed behind Yoongi since her bedroom was down the hall from his. She poked him a few times in the back with the stick. "I'm loosing sleep because of you." She mentioned.

"Night Grandma," Yoongi mumbled as he walked into his room. "Love you,"

Grandma Min smiled softly, "Night Yoongi, sleep tight," She continued to walk down the hall, humming softly.

Yoongi closed his bedroom door behind himself then stepped over to his bed as carefully as he could. It was pitch dark in his room and he couldn't see a thing. But he knew exactly where his bed was, he just didn't want to step on anything and hurt his foot.

He crouched down to the floor then crawled into his bed. "Jungkook, move over." Yoongi said pushing the younger boy closer to the wall. Jungkook has been Yoongi's friend since they were little, their parents were close friends so the two were always together. The two boys had a love-hate relationship, they couldn't stand each other but they also couldn't live without each other.

Jungkook heaved a loud sigh as he started to stir in his sleep. Yoongi pulled the blanket over his body then pulled his phone out of his pocket to go on tumblr. Yoongi was quite well known on tumblr, lots of people enjoyed his writing.

Yoongi inhaled sharply as he saw a picture of Jimin walking through Incheon Airport, he turned his brightness up to get a better view of Jimin. Because Jungkook was facing Yoongi the brightness woke him up.

Jungkook groaned and kicked Yoongi's leg. "Get off that gay shit." He mumbled closing his eyes again, turning on his side to face the wall.

Yoongi simply ignored Jungkook's request, deciding to go through some of his messages. He liked to reply to most of them wanting to hear what his readers thought, he also wanted to be friendly.

There was one message in particular that stood out to him the most:

chiminpark13: so people just write this stuff?

Yoongi thought that maybe that person was young and was new to the whole internet thing. They probably didn't know about fanfics and tumblr.

ballsdeepjimin: well.. yeah ?

Yoongi didn't think he would get such a quick response but the person replied within the next minute.

chiminpark13: so. people actually love park jimin this much?

ballsdeepjimin: i mean do you not? lol

Yoongi waited a few more minutes but he didn't get a reply back like before. He let a quiet laugh out as he locked his phone and set it down on the floor. He thought it was time to get some rest, "Night shit head," Yoongi mumbled to Jungkook as he closed his eyes.

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