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Hi All! 

Sorry, the next installment is running late but it's coming! In the interim, I've been meaning to post some excellent questions (and their answers) that have come in from readers over time that got buried in the comments section. 

I also wanted to show off the collage I made during a writing break. It's in the header. What do you think, huh?

As far as the FAQ, I've organized the questions and answers by episode to help avoid any spoilers.

If you have additional questions, feel free to post them here in the comments, or anywhere in the story, and I'll answer them--and if it makes sense--add them to the FAQ list as we go!


~ Paula

The Series Overall & A Little Bit About Me

Onima_Ornima asks:  How many episodes will there be?

Hi @Onima_Ornima - I think there'll be two more episodes in what I consider to be Season 1 of The Otherworlders - So a total of 5 episodes. Each episode will contain between 4 and 6 chapters. I'm not sure how Season 2 & 3 will shake out or how I'll handle them. I've got ideas for what will happen in each, but I'm mostly focused on just finishing Season 1 and then reassessing the overall story and what I'm doing with the series once Season 1 is done. Thanks for asking! :-)


Thehotnephilim asks: Is it weird that I JUST realized you're not a teenager?

@thehotnephilim - LOL! Not at all and I'm gonna take that as a compliment, given that I write YA.


PTC123 aks: (and don't get mad at them for asking this because it's taken out of context from a longer conversation):  Are you black @paulapdx and I thought you were a woman?

Me: @PTC123 - Indeed I am a black woman. :-)

PTC123 - wonderful, but you're gay right?

Me: @PTC123 -Nope. Straight and married. Why do you ask? 

PTC123 - just curious, based on your writing.

Me: @PTC123 -Cool. I'll take that as a compliment since Patrick's the first gay character I've ever written, if that's what you're referring to. :-)


LuckyPlum asks: Did you mention how long ago the Shadow Wars took place? Just placing approx dates in my head and I don't remember. Was it soon after The Fury were taken care of? Thanks!

@LuckyPlum - I don't think I ever did. The Fury were encased in the arctic glaciers about 1000 years ago. The Shadow Wars happened in periods over many years (sort of like our World Wars), with the last one ending 20 years prior to the start of our story.

As far as "The Fury," what The O'Wordlers know about them is all encased in myth and legend. As far as the last Shadow War, I envision it being kind of like a shift from the racial turbulence of the 60's to the "head-in-the-sand, everything's great on the surface, but racial tensions still simmer beneath the surface" environment of the 80's. Otherworlders live very segregated lives, so they can easily perpetuate this delusion.

Hope that makes sense. And all is subject to change since I'm still kinda making it up as I go, lol. Thanks for the great question!


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