A Filler Job

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Alois P.O.V

"Alois get your ass up!" Yelled my sister aka A pain in my ass Layla. 

"Ughhhhh." I groaned and she came busting into my room.

 "What if I was naked?" I said in a very annoyed tone as I rolled over in bed closing my eyes." Your tiny anyways your ex told me, so im sure there'd be nothing to see." I could practically hear the smirk in her voice and I growled at her 

" Shut it pup ." There isn't anything  little on me so Im not even going to entertain her . 

"Less growly more uppy,now get your ass up you have work loser." I ignored her and turning over and burying myself under the cover. 

"I should've been born first you're the laziest Alpha Ive ever met." She whines I just ignored her more " I'm giving you three seconds bro." She said

 She's probably going to try some silly antic like tickling me to get me up. Im a 6 foot 4 , 270 LB man of pure muscle theres no way that'll work, every tickling attempt shes ever made on me has failed. I thought to myself . Suddenly I felt something rough slither over the cover as Making me jump out of bed my sister's 3 Burmese Python now on the bed . 

"WHAT THE FUCK LAYLA!" I yelled as my sister shrugged picking up her snake " I told you to get up ." she says laughing a little. 

" Ill never understand how the alpha of the largest and strongest pack in north America could be afraid a snake half his size,Now hurry up and get dressed so you can teach boring stuff no one cares about to a bunch of  delinquents. " oh really 

" You do realize you're one of those "delinquents" right?" She shot me the birdie and walked out as I laughed .

I walked towards my closet hmmmmm what's good for first impressions, I think to myself. Not that it matters, The principal is my Fathers close friend and one of his warriors had to leave for A mission in Japan with some warriors of our neighboring pack, however he teaches at the high school bordering both of our packs , he thinks since im closer to their age I should teach the students but In reality theres most likely something happening at the school he'd like me to investigate.

 I put on a burgundy Button up and some blue jeans.I  looked at the time and sighed putting on some basic black dress shoes and A tie to match I grab my keys heading out the door. Mal had already taken my car this bitch.... I thought to myself as I sat looking between my Charger and my Corvette. I wanted to be as subtle as possible but I guess thats not going to happen I think to myself as I hop in my corvette and pull out of the driveway. 

A few minutes later Ive pulled Into the school parking lot when I see a beautiful brown girl with Brown curly  hair staring at me. I was trying to catch her scent but I couldn't smell anything from her strange...no matter She must've recognized my scent as an Alpha ,not to mention Id like to think Im quite attractive. 

I smirked "Like the view princess?" She seemed to snap out of her stare and rolled her eyes at me scoffing. " Actually no , I was astonished at the fact you stole my parking spot." I tilted my head slightly feisty , however she must not realize speaking to me like that is punishable by death I thought to myself.

  Shes quite attractive though I must say.. 

 "You sure? I think I see a bit of drool." She ignored me and walked into the school building. I chuckled and grabbed my side bag out of my car heading inside to my class. As soon as I entered I was met by a bunch of squealing and whispers "  Please Fuck me." "What grade do you think he's in , wait is that Alpha Black?No way!" What if that's the new history teacher."  I laughed a bit at the last one indeed I am. I kept walking till I saw a door that said  Main office on it. I entered and saw Kathy my third in commands mom who was in her late 50's.  She wore a wide smile as she looked at me " Well aren't you looking handsome today Alpha." She exclaimed making me laugh softly 

" Thank you ma'am ,how have the single male teachers kept their hands off you ." I reply jokingly  with a cheeky smile. " Im sure my husband threatened their families or something along those lines , Handsome and polite? The kids here won't be able to keep there hands off you." she chuckled  

" So are you here for your sister's schedule? " she asked " Uhm no Actually, I'm the new history teacher. Alpha Raven asked me to fill in for the warrior that was sent off" I said whining as i put my head on the counter. 

She laughed at me in disbelief "Wow Your going to make it mighty hard for everyone to focus." She said as we both laughed a bit. 

" Than you must need to know where your classroom is?" She asked questionably as I nodded " Well it's room 1913 right around this corner first door on the left." She says smiling as I nodded making my way out the door as she focused on paperwork ." Have a nice day !"  

I made my way towards my classroom and  looked  at my phone texting Demetri my closest friend and pack beta 

' I had to start working at the highschool today so I didn't get the chance to could you go get the information about those rogues trying to enter our pack from my father for me  . ' Sent

five minutes till the bell rings . I think as I walk  into the classroom and begin to set up right as the bell rings. One by  one they all pour into the room full of chatter. The class consisted on wolves mainly from my pack and the neighboring one but I could also sense A few other species however nothing out of the ordinary, I was heading towards the door to close it when the scentless girl from earlier appeared in front of me looking lost in though until she said something about needing A class to sleep in then bumping into my chest. " Id hope you dont plan on sleeping in mine." I say trying to hold in my laughter. Her face looked slightly embarassed and mortified as she brushed past me taking a seat in the back of the class.  I remember when I was in highschool  I think to myself. Suddenly the bellrings again signaling its time for the class to begin. "Hello class Im Mr.Finn your new 12th grade history teacher.'' I said as I looked at the class smiling hearing lots of "holy fuck he's hot"and"I need  detention" and one "hey doofus"which made me roll my eyes because I recognized the voice as none other than my sister. "As I said before, Im Mr.Finn and I'm going to be your history teacher for this year. " When in class do not address me as alpha or anything related Please inform the others that are not from our pack as well . I mindlinked to the members of my pack, It'd be mandatory in any other setting, however. That scentless girl could possibly be a human and if that is the case they cannot find out about us or it could get messy. " Id like to get to know you all and if you want maybe talk a little about myself. Do any of you have any Questions for me?" I stated and almost instantly dozens of hands shot up. Oh dear this is gonna be A long day...

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