XXII: Discussions and Arguments

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I turned off my car's engine and quickly fetched my purse before opening the door and getting out of my car. I made sure to lock all the doors. Sighing shakily, I put on my sunglasses and walked inside the building. Looking around my surroundings, I noticed that not many people are outside at this hour. I lifted my head up, I read the sign 'Syco Music'. And then as if realization hit me like a ton of bricks, my eyes widened. "Holy fucking shit." I mutter to myself. My hands are starting to get clammy and sweaty, a nervous habit of mine.

I finally got the steps and as I was walking up, I received a few weird looks from the workers. Some were looking at me a bit more discreetly while others don't even bother hiding their stare at me. Do I look unusual or something? I insecurely stared at my choice of outfit. I only wore a gray hoodie and a pair of black leggings paired up with black Nike shoes. I don't think I look unusual. But compared to their extravagant suits and outfits, I'd say I'd even look like I'm some lost teenager or something.

When I was finally standing by the door, I felt even more nervous. Oh god, I'm going to enter a new world once I get in, a world that I'm not used, a world that is unknown to me. I'm going to step in a world that has been graced on by One Direction. I blew an anxious breath before opening the glass door gently with my eyes closed. Opening my eyes, I was immediately blown away. I mean literally.

I heard a loud screech before plummeting to the ground roughly. That was a very nice yet hard floor, I must say. And my ass is really hurting right now. Groaning, I rubbed the sore spot on my ass then I heard a gasp in front of me. I turned my head and was immediately met with the sight of a brown-eyed brunette. She was very tall and I'm sure my neck will be sore if I keep looking up at her. She noticed my state and quickly helped me stand up.

I muttered a small 'thanks' before straightening my outfit. I smiled at the woman politely then she started talking, "I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking at where I was going and I accidentally bumped into you. I'm really sorry!" She apologized over and over again. I stared at her weirdly before giving her a reassuring smile. "Don't stress about it." The unnamed woman gazed at me, unsure but then nodded hesitantly. There was an awkward silence after that, neither of us knew how to respond to each other.

The brown-eyed woman eyed my outfit and smiled, "You don't work here do you? I can tell by your outfit. Mr. Cowell is really strict about our work clothes so I doubt anybody is brave enough to break his rules." She laughed heartily, clutching the stack of papers in her hands tightly. "Oh yeah, I don't work here. I just have some business with him. Is he here right now though?" I asked and looked around the huge space. "Hmm, I'm not sure. He's rarely in his office so I don't really know when he's there or not."

"Is that so..." I trailed off as I joined my hands together. She gazed at me for a few seconds before her eyes widened in realization, "Oh I'm sorry, I haven't told you my name yet. I'm Kendall Jenner." The brunette smiled widely, stretching out her hand for me to shake. I politely shook her hand, "I'm Camila Cabello." I introduced myself. "Well, I need to get going now. This papers won't get done by themselves so bye. Oh, and if you need any assistance, you can just ask that lady at the desk over there. She can be really grumpy but don't mind her, that just means she forgot her cup of coffee." She told me, waving her hand around.

"Okay then, thank you by the way." I muttered. "No problem. I'm sorry for bumping into you again Camila." Kendall smiled before waving her hand and walking off to another direction. I watched as Kendall walked down to the other side of the building and then I started walking over to the front desk. There was a blonde haired woman at behind the desk, typing on keyboard, her eyes focused on the screen in front of her.

The woman still hasn't noticed me so I cleared my throat loudly. She immediately whipped her head to my direction, staring at me. "Welcome to Syco Records, how may I help you?" She asked before yawning in boredom. I felt intimidated before her. Her hair was let down and I couldn't help but notice her eyebrows, which reminds me of someone I know. "Is Simon Cowell currently here?" I confidently asked. She eyed me for a few moments before nodding abruptly, "Um... Currently yes. Do you have any business with him?"

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