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The melody of my favorite song was being produced by violin as I walked down the aisle. People stood as I stepped onto the white runner that led from the chapel door to the stairs where Zion was waiting. He wore a black tuxedo that matched mine. It made his smile stand out. He cut his hair over the two days we had gone apart.

My mother stood beside me and smiled when I looked over to her. She had let her hair grow out down to her lower back and wore a conservative amount of makeup. She squeezed my hand while I focused on not falling. We ambled to the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Stopping at the stage within the cathedral and I looked up at Zion, who had tears in his eyes.

My chosen family was whistling at me as I let my mom's hand fall from mine and walked up the stairs. Zion kissed my cheek when I stood in front of him. The priest cleared his throat, causing everyone to laugh.

Four years ago I had been lying in a hospital bed clinging to life and now I stood in front of the man I planned on waking up every day for the rest of my life.

"Well, we're moving to the end of this really quickly, gentlemen," he joked. Jumped into the program. I looked over to see Sonny and Joella looking happy with their little girl on Sonny's lap. She was a perfect mix of the two.

Caspian and Nala, who were the perfect match for one another both sat near my aunt who had been complaining about the black and gray theme all weekend. Zane was looking at his girlfriend of the month, Rebecca a red-headed girl with an obnoxious septum piercing. Zaire was near not so subtly working his hand into some girl's dress. Eon was beside him with his arm thrown over his long time boyfriend's shoulder. I couldn't help but love my family and all of their quirks and flaws. And next to him sat Zephyr who was making a rare appearance.

"All right do we have vows," the priest said, bringing me back to reality.

"Yes we do," I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a piece of paper.

"Zion from the day I met you, you worked on pulling down the bricks I had put up to defend myself from being vulnerable. You were gentle when I needed it and firm when I needed a kick in the butt. I'm thankful to have even known you let alone being able to take your last name. I believe in everything you have shown me I could become and everything I have seen you are capable of becoming." I sniffled.

"With the entirety of my soul, I take you as my husband, along with all of your perfect imperfections as you mine. I promise to be faithful to you and be the backbone you need when you tire of being strong. I promise to make our family's happiness my priority. I'll be there for you in sickness and in health. I will be there for your wins and your losses. I will see your dreams and help you make them into a reality. You are the only person on this earth that could ever treat me and love me in the manner that you do. You are the source of my love and a conjurer of my happiness. I love you from now till the end of time," I said starting to tear up looking at him.

"All right Zion your turn," the priest said.

"Cyprus, the moment I saw you I realized that you were what I was missing from my life. When we got to know each other, and I got to see under the rock you used to hide your emotions and experiences under I realized you were worth more than anything I've ever accomplished. I promise to encourage you on your journey to becoming fully whole as a person. I will help you pick up the puzzle pieces even if they all were to fall down to help you see the bigger picture of yourself. I promise to nurture your dreams and not complain or feel jealous when you get called in to save a life. I promise to make you smile and have you show that beautiful smile of yours every day. I promise to help fix any problems you may have since there is no storm our family can't brave through together. I promise to be your partner, not a shadow that consumes your every thought and needs. Last, I promise you will always be able to trust me with anything and I will always tell you the truth. I love you Cyprus and can't wait to grow old with you," he said with tears rolling down his face. The priest instructed us to exchange rings before the priest finally let us get to what I wanted to do.

Zion pulled me to him and lifted me from the ground, bringing my lips to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed me deeper. I could feel all the love we have for one another and knew it was something that could stand the test of time.

I was floating as we made it to the reception and somehow ended up in front of everyone dancing. I smiled looking over at Cisco, who was trying to get Nala's attention. Zion chucked, his hand on my waist as we swayed to the slow music.

He pulled me into kiss number forty-eight earning whistles from the onlooker. I was completely in love and nothing would change that.

The music ended, and we received a round of applause before we walked over and cut the cake which earned applause. We took our plates to the table that looked over everyone else's.

As we got there, I noticed a short brown girl in a nice dress and subdued makeup sitting down next to our seats. She looked over to us and beamed. I smiled and walked over to kiss her cheek and put my hand on her stomach.

"Sorry I couldn't make it earlier, but I thought Fawn should be here to see her dads get married," our surrogate Mila said with a smile.

"Thank you," Cyprus said with a smile, placing his cake and a fresh fork in front of her so she could eat and bring our baby through the latest month of pregnancy. Zion and Mila talked about school, a subject I avoided since graduate school had been kicking my ass. I looked at Cisco dancing with his step-grandmother. They both looked happy.

"I love you, Cyprus Carr," Zion whispered in my ear. Cisco walked over to us and sat down in the empty chair to my left.

"I love you, Zion Carr, forever and always."

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