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Chapter Thirteen


Kat's POV

The weirdness of the lunch hour had me zoned out for the rest of the day. Teegan was happily chatting my ear off at how cute it was that my brother's were protective of me and how surprised she was that Colin Reed had also came to my rescue.

I felt bad for Malia but my brothers were right. I wasn't safe, not while he was here and stalking me. I just wish I could explain it to her.

Walking outside it was a cool wind that I wasn't expecting. I tightened the grip on my bag that was over my shoulder while also trying to keep my hat on my head when a gust of wind whirled around me.

Seeing Via and Colin together by his car made me grind my teeth together. He was looking at the ground but his arm was loosely around her waist. She was laughing with her friends when one of them nudged her and she glared in my direction, snuggling closer to Colin.

"There you are, Ready?" Chris asked as he came out from the warm school.

Nodding I followed him to the car but froze when a long howl sounded from the woods. A howl of pain. Tommy was my instant thought, he always went running after school. I took off running for the nearby woods.

"Kat!" Chris called but I already sprinted into the woods. If Tommy was hurt I wasn't going to wait around.

Going away from my brother's pleading calls I hurried deeper into the trees as another pained howl rang out. I stopped up short when Tommy's black wolf was on the ground with a Dark brown one on top of him. Fear ran through my body as his face snapped to me and he growled gleefully. Hopping off my brother, Shane stalked towards me. Probably should have thought this through. Tommy groaned as he looked to me.

I held up my hands and backed away, I knew it wouldn't help but I was buying time for my brother to catch up.

A pure white wolf jumped from the brush behind me and knocked Shane back. His growl was intense and protective so I knew that he wouldn't hurt me. My eyes flickered to Tommy who was in pain as he tried to stand.

Chris's familiar wolf emerged from the trees moments later, Shane's eyes flickered quickly from the two in front of me and growled before darting away. Chris and the white wolf tearing after him. I ran to Tommy's side, "Shh.." I whispered as he groaned again. "It's okay Tommy."

I didn't know how to help him, but I knew that to heal faster he should stay in the form he was in at the time of injury, which meant I could do little to help him.

"Kat!" Hannah called as she broke through the brush, "Shit." She hissed when she saw Tommy laying on the ground in pain. "Hey, hey. Tommy, it's going to be okay." She soothed him running her hands over his fur, her hands turning red from the blood. I gasped and Tommy growled his eyes meeting mine in worry.

"He's going to be okay Kat, he's had worse hunting." Hannah tried to calmed me. It didn't really work.

"I'm sorry." I sobbed, "I'm so sorry Tommy. If I wasn't.."

Both of them growled darkly, "Don't think that." Hannah hissed.

My eyes were filled with tears as I looked down at Tommy, I hated that this happened. I hated it even more that I was the reason. "I'm sorry." I told him again, my voice cracking.

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