10| Devils and Desires

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He was the devil standing on my doorstep, exuding the danger I had come face to face with far too many times—and as I found him standing in front of my home, there was absolutely nothing pure about the way he was looking at me.

My hands curled around my front door, the blood draining from my face as I came to terms with what was going to happen. Freddie King had come to me with a purpose and I knew it had everything to do with the promise he had made to me not so long ago.

Since our first meeting, his intentions for me had been dirtied around the edges and filled with a fire that was ready to ignite every time we got close. I had catalogued the types of anger he had shown me and clung to the longing looks he got lost in, but this was different—this was far more dangerous than any other way he had looked at me before.

There was no hidden softness about the man in front of me now, instead as he met my gaze with a brooding look, I could see right through to the darkness shrouding his soul.

Freddie King was destruction in all its forms, and if I let him closer to me I knew he'd only pull me into his void.

My heart was thudding harshly in my chest as I watched the lethal and lustful way his eyes devoured my body, and suddenly I felt like an idiot for opening the door in my pyjamas.

When one of his brothers had sent me home for the day, I never thought I'd end up like this. My oversized t-shirt did nothing to tame the look in his eyes as they trailed over the way the material snagged over my breasts and then settled just above my knees, giving way to my bare legs and feet.

He looked at me like he was ready to conquer every feeling he had ever had for me, and before I knew what I was doing—I went to slam the door in his face.

What seemed like an easy getaway turned into something completely futile.

Freddie's reaction was faster than my own as his hand pushed against the door before it could click into place. He took a few steps towards me until his chest was pressed against mine, his movements casual as he pushed me back into my house along with him.

His presence was suffocating me as his hand reached out to press against the small of my back, my breasts smashing against his muscular chest as he let out a relieved grunt.

There was no distance between us anymore, and there was no way for me to get away from him as he closed the door behind him, the last of the cold air brushing against my skin before his warmth covered me.

Fear and despair clung to my bones as I felt his fingers moving and curving towards the top of my ass. My breathing began to halt as the panic gripped me at my core.

All the other times he had scared me, and all the other times he had touched me like this were when I was the only one who had to deal with the consequences. Now he was in my home, in the same vicinity as my little siblings and my sick mother, and I couldn't decipher the look on his face.

"You can't be here." My words shook as he raised his brow at me, his hand moving to settle against the middle of my back like he understood the tension in my body.

"Your fear of me is confusing—you act so brave when I threaten you, but with everything else—" His other hand moved to lift my chin and I flinched.

His nostrils flared at my reaction. "You frustrate me in so many fucking ways, and still—" He shook his head. "That doesn't matter, what matters is I came here to tell you that my father is back in town and I've dealt with him. He shouldn't bother you for as long as I continue to obey him." He said the words so simply and I should have been relieved by them. Yet, I heard the hidden depths of his promise.

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