Chapter 6

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"W-what are you going to make me do?" Austyn audibly gulped.

"Why would I tell you? It would ruin the surprise." In all honesty, I have no idea what I'm going to make him do. The bet was an in the moment decision but Austyn doesn't know that. I'll take a day or two and think about my options.

"Oliver!" Austyn whined and pouted up at me.

"Where to now?" I ask him, changing the topic.

"Let's go to my place." Austyn says as he grabs my hand, pulling me out of the building.

Austyn jumps in the passenger seat and once he's buckled, I pull out of the parking lot.

About half way to Austyn's house, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I fish the device out of my pocket and read the text quickly.

Bruce: Fight at 11:30. Be here at 11, don't be late.

After reading the text, I drop it in my lap.

"You shouldn't text and drive." Austyn says quietly.

"Technically I wasn't texting. I only read the text."

"That still distracts you from driving. You can still get hurt."

"I won't do it again, okay?" I tell him.

"Promise?" He asks when I pull into his driveway.

"Promise." I say and I turn the car off and take the keys out of the ignition.

Austyn leads the way to the front door and up to his room without a word.

Once he closes his bedroom door, he turns and faces me.

He pushes me down on the bed so I was sitting on the edge. His hands slide over my shoulders and my hands go to his round ass, pulling him closer.


"I should probably be going home. It's getting late." I whisper to Austyn who is cuddled up to my chest.

I don't particularly like cuddling but with Austyn it's not that bad. Maybe it the way our bodies fit together like two puzzles pieces finally put together or maybe it's how his soft legs tangle with mine beneath the blankets. Maybe it's the way his head nuzzles against my chest occasionally. Maybe it's how he enjoys the way my fingers glide through his hair. Or maybe it's the way his fingers gently trace shapes on my skin. Maybe it's the way- I need to stop. I don't feel anything towards this boy other than lust.

"Yeah probably." Austyn agreed but neither of us moved.

After a few minutes I sit up with a sigh. I tug my clothes on and pick up my phone off the floor that fell out of my back pocket.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow." I tell him before walking out of his room and out to my car.

Before I left Austyn's house, I told my mom that I was at a friend's house and that she shouldn't worry about me.

It is 10:47 so there probably won't be any dinner left at home so I decide to go to Wendy's.

I go through the drive-through and order a spicy chicken sandwich, a large fry, a large strawberry lemonade, and a medium vanilla frosty. I know, I eat a lot.

As I'm leaving the fast food restaurant, my phone vibrates with a text.

B: You better not forget about your fight tonight.

I guess I'll be getting home later than planned. I text my mom that I'll be home around one a.m. because we're still working on a project for school.

She texts back telling me that she loves me and to be careful when I drive home. After that, I open my sandwich and eat it as I'm driving.

By the time I get to the warehouse, I finished the sandwich and was currently dipping my fries into the frosty.

I hurry up and finish the ice cream before grabbing my duffle bag from the backseat. Walking inside, I go downstairs and change into my gym shorts in a bathroom but I couldn't shake Austyn's voice that is in the back of my mind telling me he doesn't want to see me hurt. I know he was talking about texting and driving but this is probably far more worse than looking at my phone while driving.

Stuffing my other clothes in the bag, I sling the duffle bag over my shoulder and walk out of the small room into a crowded one.

I push my way through the crowd and eventually find Bruce.

"I'm glad you could make it boy! Go make me proud!" Bruce claps his hand on my shoulder. By proud he means making him more money.

When I first started fighting, Bruce and I agreed that we would split the profit in half.

We watch two fights that didn't last long before my name is called. I step into the ring and watch as my opponent stands across from me.

He's smaller in height and build than I am. It's possible he could be new to fighting but I don't judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to fighting. Some of the smallest and weak looking guys can take down people three times their size.

The bell rings and we keep our eyes locked. We both stand there staring. I never make the first move. They want you to make the first move but I won't give into that temptation.

Eventually my opponent gave in and swung a punch. I was easily able to dodge it.

After a few failed swings, I finally made a move and thrusted my fist forward. It wasn't much of an effective punch but I managed to hit the side of his face as he tried to dodge my punch.

This cycle lasts for not even five minutes before I noticed the boy was distracted and I swung my leg out, knocking him off of his feet and landing in the hard floor with a loud thud.

I straddle his waist and continued to punch the smaller guy's face until he was unconscious.

The familiar sting in my knuckles arose as my opponent's body was carried away from the ring.

Looking down at my hand to see the damage I only see that I busted a few open but nothing too serious.

"You did amazing kid! Absolutely amazing!" Bruce clapped me on the back before walking past me, surely to go claim his money.

I shook my head with a smile and grabbed my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

I collect my half of the money from Bruce and head home. I park my car outside and quietly go inside, throwing myself on my bed when I make it to my bedroom.

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