The Rejected Mate Intro

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This is my first story so if you have any ideas express them please and thank you.




Artemis Johnson-

age of 17


pack- Blood Moon

only daughter of Alpha James

has 2 older protective brothers (Beck 20, Hunter 19) and a twin brother(Matthew)

hair color: Pitch Black

eye color: forest green

She is a little badass and a prankster with best friends, is gorgeous but hides it and has a secret.

Hope Boyce:

age of 18

best friend of Artemis

hair color: Dark brown

eye color: golden brown

Daughter of Beta Edward

has younger brother and sister(twins)

Marie Holland:

age of 18

best friend of Artemis

daughter of the alpha of Black Moon

hair color: bright red

eye color: baby blue

Has an older brother

Jackson Holland:

age of 18

Older brother of Marie

Soon to be Alpha of Black Moon Pack


hair color: blonde

eye color: ocean blue

Beck Johnson:

age 20

Soon to be alpha of Blood Moon Pack

hair color: dark brown

eye color: dark blue

Hunter Johnson:

19 years old

older brother of Artemis

hair color: light brown

eye color: dark blue

Matthew Johnson:

twin brother of Artemis

hair color: pitch black

eye color: light green

Kat Charmaine

Best friend to Artemis

Pack rank: Delta of Blood Moon

Hair color: dark brown

Eye color: pastel green with golden brown slivers


They're more characters these are just more important ones. I'll post a chapter soon.


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