13| Danger and Distress

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It was too late for me to run now, the Kings of Cullfield already knew everything they needed to know about me. They knew where I lived and they knew about my family. Freddie had been to my house, he had seen my siblings and he had sweet-talked my mother—and I knew that if the opportunity ever arose, that he would use all those things against me. My soft heart and the softened way he looked at me would never make up for the fact that he was a threat to my life.

I would do anything for my family, that was what had got me into this mess in the first place and even as the alarm bells were blaring in my head, I knew I had made my bed and now I was going to have to lay in it.

Freddie was waiting at the door for me as I finally moved from behind the bar and watched the way he took account of me as I moved towards him. He frowned as his gaze settled on my trousers, and I couldn't help it when the blush rose to my cheeks. He was probably thinking about the other night when I had stood in front of him in nothing but an oversized t-shirt, when his hands had pushed between my thighs and he had felt the wetness between them. It wasn't one of my finer moments, but I swore I could detect a hint of disappointment on his face as he took in the state of my work attire.

His nostrils flared before he turned his back and started walking through the corridor. I followed him with a heavy heart, but it was like a switch flipped inside of him whenever he found me in this place. Like he hated the fact I was here, almost as if he thought I was too good to be standing in his darkened presence.

But the lines of good and bad were almost always blurred in a place like this, just like there were two sides to every coin.

I could fear him, and maybe at the same time I could feel other things too?

But to act on those feelings was another thing entirely.

His father had wanted me dead only a couple days ago, and now I was thinking about the way his son had lit a fire inside of me. It burned at my core and I knew that the only way to extinguish it was to give in to him.

It was easier said than done.

My brain was fighting between my dignity and my morals, but it had barely even accounted for a person that was much more heartless than the man I was following.

I didn't know how Freddie had managed to keep me safe from facing the barrel of his father's gun, but I knew that begging a murderer for mercy could only make them despise you more. The only things I had to live for were my family, but even past that I didn't think I had it in me to beg for my life with much conviction.

I would accept my death just like every other shitty thing that had happened in my life, I knew this because that was what I had done when Freddie had pointed his gun at me.

I was so consumed by my own thoughts that I had barely realised when he'd come to a stop in front of me. My body crashed into his, my hands moving to steady myself as my palms pressed flat against his shoulders, my fingers curling around the edge of them and grappling for a grip. My chest was pressed against his back with no space between us and I could feel the tension rolling through him as I took in a sharp breath.

I waited for his onslaught of annoyance, waited for him to shove me away from him, but this time he was gentle. He pulled my hands from his shoulders before he turned around to face me.

His voice was low as he spoke.

"You need to pay more attention, I'm not going to be able to help you in there." And with those tumultuous words, he opened the door we had been standing in front of and pulled me into the room by my arm.

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