chapter 15

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-------> picture of Jason  (Drew Roy)

O before i forget this chaper and the next one are kind of important, so it became a long chapter,, i hope,, but it self is important!!!


****Allen’s POV****

I was on my way to Jason and his parents. Things are getting now more dangerous for her. Vic has to stop or else it will go really wrong. I placed Sky and Layla under the protection of one of my best man.

When I got there, Jason was already waiting for me by the door. His face looked worried and I could guess what was going on. I got out the car and walked to him. 

‘’is it Vic?’’ and he nodded in response.

As we walked inside I saw his parents already standing in the hallway. They were my dad’s friends since... god knows how long. They leaded me to the sitting room and took a seat in front of me. The air in the room was heavy and dark.

‘’tell me what happened’’

‘’it Victoria. She is gone since that stunt at school. We don’t know where she is right now and we are worried. She is unpredictable right now.’’

‘’ I’m also worried and you know how she is, Allen. When it comes to you she will do everything to keep you.’’ Jason said and placed his hands in his hair. ‘’I don’t know what to do if she does something to Layla I can’t forgive myself.’’

‘’now you mention it, I haven’t seen her at school since the stunt she pulled off. But I will try and find out where she is. I may have an idea where she is but I don’t know for sure. Give me a day to find out. Jason will keep me on track if you find something.’’

His parents nodded and walked away to give me and Jason some privacy. I stood up and walked to a picture of us three when Jason and I seven and Vic was five. It was a picture before she became mad about me. Not long after that, most of the girls I dated were scared away by Vic. She was sometimes a total bitch but I still loved her as family.

Jason stood behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder. I grabbed the picture and looked at it.

‘’I wish she was still like that innocent girl from back then but times change. We change and so does the world. Time doesn’t stand still.’’ Jason said and took the picture from me.

‘’well time stands still in the picture’’ I lightly joked and he placed a small smile on his face.



My parents and I were there for a normal friendship visit. No business meeting, no work. Just as friends. As we got out of the car we still could hear his mother scream from inside the house. I chuckled by the action of Jason. He was that kind of boy who loves to play around with his mother but even if she is mad at him, she still loves him very much.

My dad pulled the bell and a few seconds later the door was opened by a man. He was a splitting image of Jason.

‘’Maxwell, Hale, nice to see you both again.’’ He said. ‘’how are you both doing?’’ and he let us in.

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