Not A Sight To See

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     I turned to corner to find Jackson and Marissa sucking off each others faces. I just roll my eyes before saying, "Keep it PG in school people!! Oh and GET A ROOM!!"
     They stop and Marissa screamed, "YOU BITCH! WE WERE HAVING A MOMENT!"
    I chuckled "Ya, a moment of eating each others faces off." She growled and lunged for me. I just side stepped and watched her slam into a wall. "Wow, Marissa. You should of seen that coming." I said while laughing. Jackson runs to Marissa's side and glares at me.
      "Well I'll leave you to play fuck the slut." I say while turning and walking away. Jackson suddenly pins me against a wall by the neck.
      "Listen here bitch, I demand respect from you." He said using his alpha tone.
      "No. I will not give you respect you sorry excuse of an alpha. Now release me" I replied using the alpha tone i received from my bloodline making him let go of my neck in shock. I pushed him away causing him to growl.
     "Oh just shut up!" I said walking away. UGH why did you give me an asshole as a mate, Moon Goddess? Why?
      I head to my locker to find my twin brother, Matthew, standing there looking annoyed. "Hey little brother" I was 21 minutes older then him.
     "Stop calling me that!" he snapped back.
     "Woah what got your panties in a twist" I replied making him give me a death glare, if looks could kill I would be six feet under.
     "So what do you want?" I asked him. He just shrugged at me. "Then go away." I told him.
     "Why do you hide your face?" he asked out of the blue, now it was my turn shrug.
   "Try showing your face please" he told me. "Fine" I sighed removing my hood and revealing my waist-length pitch black hair. The only differnce between my brother and I is our eye colors, his being light green and mine being a dark forest green, and this may shock you... our genders. He smiled at me
     "Thanks Sis." 
      I just rolled my eyes at him and gave him my signature half smile. "You can go now Matt." I told him. He nodded before leaving.
      I got everything I needed for Chemistry then headed to the classroom getting attention drawn to me.

"Did we get a new girl?"

"Damn!! She is hot!"

"Look at that Slut"

"Who does she think she is?"

     A few remarks I heard while walking down the halls before entering the Chem Lab. "Hey Mr. W" His last name is Wrigglesworth so we call him Mr.W, he turned around.
    "Hello Artem... Did I get a new student?"
I shake my head "No its just me, plain old Artemis." He looked shocked.
    "I wasn't expecting that surpise today."
     I laughed  "Neither was I." I told him.
     The bell rang. I when and sat at my table in the back, where Kat would soon join me at.
    Speak of the weirdo she walked in and she squealed "Your hood is down!"
     I chuckled "I know Kitty." She ran over and sat down asking me why I put it down.
    "Matt asked me to show my face that's all and I gave in." I explained to her.
     "Ok' she said.
       In walked Jackson, well shit I forgot he was in this class with me. I turn my head, not looking at him but I felt his eyes burning into me along with multiple others. This is going to be interesting.
      Mr.W started teaching and I began taking notes. I had notes coming at me every minute. It was so annoying! God get a life people. I note hits my head and I look up to give some blonde guy a death glare. I think he just pissed his pants.
     Mr. W gives us 15 minutes to talk. I spend that time throwing away the notes without reading the getting many sad looks from the guys making me roll me eyes at them. They are so pitiful.
     I leave the class to head to Trig only to be...

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