Chapter Four

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Jennifer's P.O.V

It was Monday. I loved Mondays because It's just Monday. Mondays are beautiful. As much as I love Monday, I hated it much. I had a sleepless night and to think I had a meeting in the morning, made it worse.

I was busy doing my work when my secretary called to remind me the meeting was in fifteen minutes time.

The meeting was about the new major share owner of the company. When the company went into bankruptcy, I was so sure I would buy more shares. Eunice and I almost celebrated my success when the former owner told me someone beat me to it. His offer was more than mine. It took me hours to digest his words.

I couldn't remember where I last put my contact lens so I had to wear my spectacles to work today. I went to the conference hall, anxiously waiting for the new President.

I almost cancelled the meeting because he was delaying. Then, he entered. Everyone stood and so did I. He nodded at everybody and we all sat.

I stared at him and if he were looking my way he would've noticed I wasn't listening to whatever he was saying.

Before I realized, everyone was applauding. I joined them so I wouldn't feel stupid.

He nodded once again and left. The meeting was over and I heard nothing. OMG, that was unusual of me! I didn't realize it.


Mostly, I spend my break with Eunice. I wanted to see her so badly I didn't waste enough time when it was lunch break. We met and she just wore a confused look as I talked about what happened in the morning.

"He is good looking and tall. He has no spot on his skin. He had rolled his sleeves to an arms length and one can never deny the fact that he is gorgeous and hairy. His accent is as sexy as himself. One could also tell he recently shaved. To put it simple, he is stylish and elegant. And to think I was done analysing his beauty, he smiled showing off his sexy dimples and I couldn't over look it because you know i have a thing for guys with dimples."

"Then this guy must be hot. To see you all excited like a teenager who just met her hot teacher. I don't know what to say until I see him myself. Did you say he has dimples? Didn't you imagine him having it?" She acted confused, tilting her head into the air.

"No, seriously he has dimples," I confidently confirmed as she only laughed.

As she continued to laugh, I heard a woman screaming at another woman between the ages of sixty and sixty five. I quickly went outside.

"Please calm down. This is not how to talk to an old lady. Please. Calm down," I cautioned, trying to reason with her, "So what is the matter? What is so wrong?"

"This old woman ordered for food and has refused to pay me. She keeps saying she lost her purse. Now we are tired of listening to this excuse. Everyone comes and say this anytime they feel like," the waitress narrated, her chest heaving with a reddened face.

"If she says she has lost her purse then she might have," she casted an angry look at me and for a minute, I thought I'd be her next victim, "I mean, you should at least listen to what..." I couldn't finish my sentence because I passed the old woman a glance.

The old lady looked exhausted and everyone was already looking at us.

"Nobody does this. Stop this! Okay I will pay. Leave the old lady out of this!"

Now I was furious. I gave the lady money and she left after eyeing the old lady. I understood her anger because if someone failed to pay for the meal, it would be deducted from the waiter or waitress's pay, but this was too much.

"Thank you. What is your name?" The woman finally spoke.

"Don't mention. I'm Jennifer. I'm sorry for how she behaved towards you," someone needed to apologize.

The old lady smiled and nodded. She was tired and I pulled a chair for her to sit on.

"I will call a taxi to take you home. I wish I could take you myself but my lunch break is almost over. I..."

"You've already done enough, thanks. God bless you," she said as she drank more water. I felt pity for the old lady. I quickly called a taxi and she thanked me once more.

I turned to see Eunice smiling. I sighed as I went closer to her.

"Once again, you saved the day," she praised as if I did something to save the whole world.

"Oh please. The waitress shouldn't have shouted at the old lady. She's old enough to be her grandmother. Goodness what was she thinking?"

"Calm down. The show is already over. Thanks actually. I know the old woman was totally disgraced...thanks for handling the situation," she thanked me as if she were related to the woman.

"Guess we'll meet later. Lunch break is over and, bye. I have a lot to do already. Bye."

She nodded as we both went into our cars.


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