(03) Orphic

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Orphic [Or-phi-c]
adv. Mysterious and entrancing
Beyond ordinary and understanding

Riley had been blindfolded for the entire ride to the home of Stephano. She's been silent; not making a sound, not moving an inch.

"Siamo qui, signore," spoke the voice of a foreign language she's only heard of in movies or shows like The Sopranos. His voice was just as scary as the man before, and Riley truly didn't know what to think.
[ translation : here we are, sir ]

"portarla in sala," Stephano smoothly ordered. Before, she thought his voice was hot, but hearing him speak the language she so little heard of pissed her off because it sounded so smooth. "I want guards outside her room, no one is allowed to touch her-if I hear anything happens to her, you know what I'm capable of," Stephano demanded in a threatening tone that it even sent Riley into fearful chills.
[ translation : bring it to the room ]

She felt the movement of the car come to a halt. After hearing doors open and close, she was lifted out of the car and carried bridal style. There was a small opening at the bottom of her blindfold by her nose allowing her to see the sunlight and the black leather shoe that looked more expensive than Riley herself. The man carried her up into the home and up many stairs until he came to a door where he opened it. He placed Riley on the bed gently and removed the blindfold that was over her eyes and untied the soft fabric that tied her hands behind her back.

"W-Where am I?" She spoke out to the man in a question. He looked at her momentarily with the same masked look as the man before.

"Quiet," was all he answered before walking away and out of the door. Riley was left all alone to drown in her own self-pity and fear.

She moved her hands up to the front of her face to gaze upon her wrists which weren't even in the slightest bit red. Her feet were still tied together and she began using her slim, small fingers to break away from the delicate red fabric. The knot was impossible to break loose. It seemed as if it were made to just taunt prisons such as herself. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get out of it.

She bent herself up on the bed in an awkward position that caused her long legs to be folded in the shape of a butterfly with her knees spread apart. She pulled her feet up to her mouth and began using her teeth to try and pry the piece apart.

"Hmm, so you are flexible too?" She heard the familiar toe-curling voice that made her movements stop. In a whiplash, she straightened herself up and looked at him in fear. Her panting could be heard and seen as her chest heaved up and down.

"Well?" He asked impatiently. She wanted to shout at him to leave her alone, or tell him that he already saw her abilities, but she wasn't stupid. He didn't seem like the type to deal with anything that doesn't go his way. So, instead, she turned her gaze away from him and in a low voice she whispered, "I was a cheerleader most of my life."

His lips curved up into a smirk as he stared at the girl before him. "Hmm," he hummed in amusement. "Mind if I see for myself?" He asked in that same tormenting voice as before.

Terror spread across Riley's features as she looked up at him, finally. She shook her head in dismay. Her back hit the wall where she tried to crawl away from the man, messing up the perfectly made silk bed that was beautifully white.

Before she could make another move to escape him, his hand wrapped itself around her neck. He forcefully titled her neck to the side where he rubbed his fingertip along her jawline. She felt his other hand slide down her waist to her inner thighs. "S-stop," she tried to shout but it only came out in a struggled murmur.

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