Mr. Hotshot

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      I leave the class to head to Trig only to be pulled into a jantior closet by Jackass... oops I meant Jackson.
     "What do you want?" I hissed.
     "Isn't it obvious? Want to have a quickie with you gorgeous." he said in a 'duh' tone. I cring
     "How about?..." I said placing a hand on his chest. "...NO!" I scream and push him away then bolt out of there and run to Trig.
      I hear him running after me. Well shit. I slow down and walk into Trig and take my seat just as the bell rings.
     "Pop quiz!" Our teacher suddenly says making my classmates groan, She does this alot. "You have 20 minutes to complete it. If you finsh early you may leave." She explains after passing them out. "Now you may begin!"
     I finsh in 10 minutes, I place it in front of her and walk out and to my locker and put everything away to have it slammed closed by Jackson. Are you fucking kidding me?!
    "Who are you?" He doesn't ask he demanded. I glared
    "Really? You can't even remember your own mate?" I swear after I said that he eyes nearly fell out of his skull. After rolling my eyes I walk out and to my car then head home.
     I walking in the pack house to see my dad and a woman that looks like Matt and I. (A/N They never met their mother because she left them.) "Hey Dad" I say making him smile. What? I'm a daddy's girl. "Who is this?" I ask looking at the unknown woman.
       "Hi sweetie. This is your mother." He tells me. A growl rumbles through my chest and I lunged for her while screaming
       Before I get to her my dad grabs me whispering "Calm down Artemis."
      "I'm going to my room." I say while gritting my teeth. I run up it my room quickly before they could object.
      My room is dark blue and purple, my walls being dark blue and my bed being purple with dark blue and purple pillows along with series of bean bag chairs,my art corner and music room.
      I screamed after I slammed my door  because my walls are soundproof because of me blasting my music. That bitch shows up after 17 years. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I grab my phone and call Hope and Marie in a group call. They both pick up quickly.
        "Sleepover at my house and come quickly." I explain.
        "What's wrong Midnight?" They ask in unison.  I sigh
       "I'll explain later. I'm gonna call Kat too ok?"
       "Alright" We all hang up then I call Kat.
       She picks up. "Hey Kitty, sleepover at my-"
      "Sound like a plan Art and you are telling me everything when I get there." 
      "Alright see you soon." I swear she is psychic she always know if something happened.
       I heard someone knocking and I do the logically thing and open then door to find Marie and her brother, probably had him bring her here. "Hey Fireball! you know you can just walk in right?"
     "Ya, but this Jackass knocked before I could." I laughed and she comes in laughing.
    "BYE JACKSON" I yelled then slammed then door in his face.
    Marie and I were watching TV till Hope and Kat got here and my mother walk into the living room screaming at me making all three of them let out vicious growls making her cower and me laugh
     "Hope, Kat, Marie. This bitch here is my so-called mother."
     "Dont talk about me that way!" She yelled making them growl again.
     "THEN LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" I screamed back. I looked at my friend signaling them to follow me before going to my room.
   "That is why I'm having this sleepover." In a matter of seconds I'm tackled to the ground with the three of them hugging me.
     Suddenly Hope asked, "Do you smell that?" We sniffed the air.
    "No" we reply.
    "Well! Go find your mate!" I yell making her run out with us following.
     She leads us to my brother Beck and some blonde slut making out.(A/N Beck just returned from the Alpha Academy.) Then it clicked when Hope growled and ripped the slut off. Beck suddenly is on top of Hope with lust in his eyes.
   "We are going to leave you two and go now." I speak up bringging them back to reality. "Oh and USE PROTECTION!" I scream before running away with Kat and Marie following my lead.
    Once we are back in my room  we burst out laughing. "That was interesting!" I breathe out.
    Then we heard a clicking sound coming from my window. Someone is throwing rocks at my window, old fashioned I like it. We all go to the window to see Alex chucking rocking up here. I open up the window and yelled "Hold your fire!"
    "Rapunzel Let down your hair!"
    "I have long hair but not THAT long!" That made all of us double over with laughter.
      "Just throw down the ladder!" he yelled.
      "Ugh fine you're no fun." I whine while throwing the rope ladder down.
       He climbed up and looked at me before saying, "hurtful."
    "What are you doing here anyway?" Kat asked.
   Alex sighed before saying....

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