Epilogue: Is it the end?

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A/N: Ready for the last blow? Read until the end! xoxo


"How Ken? Hoooooow?" Akane asked hysterically.

Naglapag si Ken ng dalawang picture sa mini table dito sa passage.

One is a girl who looks so fragile. Her smile is very genuine. But when you look into her eyes, darkness will reveal.

Every single detail sa babae ay kinabisa ko kahit papaano saka ako lumipat ng tingin sa litrato ng lalaki.

Di katulad ng babae, nakabusangot ang mukha niya at parang may dark aura siya sa paligid niya. His eyes were somewhat cold. And I can sense na iwas siya sa tao.

"What's their names?" I asked.

Ken smiled, "Princess Gothica Emmanuel of England.", then he showed us another picture of the girl wearing a decent royal gown and a tiny princess crown in a palace. So, she really is the princess.

"While this," Ken showed us another picture of the boy wearing a prince outfit and giving alms to the children. The only difference between the two pictures? The Prince is smiling genuinely at the children, "is Prince Lord Travis Shannon of London."

"They're both from Europe. Do they know each other?" Reiji asked while still staring at the picture.

"They're soon to be couple." My forehead creased, "well, monarchy still hold tight beliefs with arranged marriage."

"So basically they know each other," Riye nodded while saying those words.

"C-Can I see if there are photos of them together?" I asked Ken which made all of them looked at me, "I'm just curious."

"Doubting my researches?" Ken blunted.

I shook my head, "N-No. I just noticed something. I needed a confirmation. Sorry to make you think that way."

Ken snickered, "okay lang yon, Akemi!" I smiled at him.

Nagkalkal naman si Ken sa bag niyang dala, "I know there's a photo of them here with me..." pagbulong pa nito.

"How will we find them here?" Akane asked.

"Let's split up this lunch time." Hiro answered which made all of us look at him but Ken still is finding photos in his bag.


"Well, I want to stay at the OSA to find their profiles to know their backgrounds." Hiro volunteered, "I suggest Akane and Ken to pair up and these two as well," sabay tufo nito kay Reiji at Riye. We all nodded.

"So, sasama sayo si Akemi?" Akane mocked naughtily. I eyed her and she just slip her tongue out.

"Ah, here it is!" Napalingon kaming lahat kay Ken na hawak hawak paitaas ang tatlong litrato na medyo lukot.

Inilapag niya kaagad ang mga yon sa mini table at kaagad naming tinignan.

The first picture seems to be their first picture together. They are smiling awkwardly towards the camera and there's a space between them.

The second one made me feel that they're happy with each other. It's like everything is magical for them sa litratong to though it is simple. Para kasi silang nag-aasaran because Prince Travis makes funny faces while Princess Gothica laughs her heart out. They look so happy here.

The third one caught my curiosity. They seemed to be that close in this photo but Prince Travis is not smiling. Just like in the first picture of him that Ken showed us earlier. His eyes are cold and has this dark aura that surrounds him. While Princess Gothica, just like her first picture earlier, smiles genuinely but look intp her eyes and you'll see sadness.

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