Silence and Sophie

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On the outside, I was composed but on the inside, my mind was running wild with questions.

Why was my father here? What is plan B? And why the hell does Alex have business with him?

"This isn't about Silence," Alex's voice bombed behind me. The anger was beyond evident.

My father nodded and took his eyes away from my small body to look up at Alex. "You're right. But this unexpected," my father looked back to his pack members.

What was he thinking?

"We'll come back soon. But until then keep my demands in mind," My father retreated with his pack members leading the way.

When he was out of sight and his scent lost, I let out a relaxed sigh. I just adore scent concealers. If I had come in between them without covering up my scent my father would have known it was me without a single doubt.

"Warriors! Get the children and non-warriors out of the safe zone!" Alex ordered, getting everyone's attention away from what just happened. "Guards! Make sure the Night Dove's didn't do anything to our territory! Roy, lead the warriors. Daniel, lead the guards."

And as everyone was going off to where they were assigned I started to carefully move away. Maybe if I was slick enough I could get off the hook...



"In my office, now!"

Yelling at me? Seriously?

But I didn't argue because I couldn't. I was Silence right now and Silence doesn't speak.

I walked behind Alex as we both headed inside the pack house. No one was around, not even the maids that I usually see walking around here. The house was empty as we made our way to the top floor where our rooms were and where Alex's office was.

We walked inside the office quietly and all that was heard was his office door closing behind us.

I began to take off my beanie and mask. The extra clothing was starting to feel unnatural around Alex. Because around him, I like to be Rose, not Silence.

"Look, Alex, I know you said not to g—"

"I'm sorry."

After having taken off everything I looked at Alex with a surprised expression. "Sorry? For what?"

Alex has never said sorry before. It's shocking to hear him say it now of all times.

"Yelling at you."

Oh, so he noticed.

"It's okay, but please don't make a habit out of it."

Alex nodded then walked over to his chair. I sat down across from his desk. "Alex, why was he here?"

"Are you asking why your dad was here?"

I grew annoyed. "He stopped being my dad the day he gave me this," I practically yelled while moving my hair to show Alex my scar.

He looked conflicted. "I know, sorry."

I sighed and put my hair back in its place. "So why was he here? What's plan B? And why does he know you?"

He looked out the window with a sigh. "There is a lot of things I learned about you the other day. About where you came from, about who you are, and how we are connected," he said while probably remembering the day I told him about my past.

It has to be something hard to say for him not to be able to look me in the eye.

"How are we connected?"

He stood up and walked toward the window he wouldn't stop staring at. "The Night Doves are the craziest pack I have ever had the chance of meeting. Strong, powerful, and by goodness greedy as hell."

I nodded because everything Alex was saying was true. If I wasn't from them I would be scared just by thinking about them.

"My dad, the alpha before me, was an ally and friend of Robert," my father, "They grew up together. But Robert always knew his position as the future king of the strongest pack in the world. He kept his friendship with my dad though, just in case."

"My father never had true friendships with people, always used them for later."

Alex nodded in agreement. "Of course, my father knew that. But my pack was in no position for any type of dispute. We kept this friendship till one day Robert came to my father, desperate for help."

My eyebrows drew together interested in this new information. My father desperate? That's something that wasn't heard offend.

"Roy, Daniel, and I were all pretty young at the time. The two of them were off asleep somewhere while I heard a knocking in the front of our house. I being curious at who would visit at such a time and decided to go downstairs. I remember seeing Robert at his knees. Practically begging my dad to keep something of his."

What did my father want him to keep?

"I also remember my mom calling the nurses, he had a fresh wound running over his cheek."

I took an inhale of breath.

It was the same day I ran away.

"You mean—"

"I connected the dots and yes, it was ten years ago from now when Robert came to us. Right after you took off."

Why would he come here after all of that? What did my father give Alex's dad?

"While he was being treated at the front of the door he continued to beg my father over and over again. I couldn't make out what he was begging for but I knew it was important. He had something in his arms," Alex finally turned around to meet my anticipating eyes.

He walked up closer and took a seat next to mine. "He had a baby in his arms that night Rose."

A baby.

My hands covered my mouth as I felt my world begin to spin. "A-a ba-baby. It w-was S-Sophie," I stated while sobbing into my hand. Sophie was here that night. Here at this very place Jackson and I are staying at right now.

"Wha-what did...why did---"

Alex grabbed my hands and looked at me intensely. "Let me continue."

He handed me tissues and waited for me to calm down before he grabbed my hands again. "Ready?"

I nodded.

"Robert told my father that Sophie couldn't stay with him. He begged my father to keep Sophie until her 18th birthday. And on that day he would come back for her."

My expression grew confused. "But your dad rejected the offer, right? Because if he accepted that means Sophie would be here."

I felt Alex's hands tighten around mine. "My dad accepted the offer, Rose. Sophie is here. She has been here since the day you stood up to Robert."

More tears fell from my eyes. "Stop messing around with me Alex," I stood up immediately. "Where is she then? I haven't seen her and you know why? Because Sophie is dead!"

Alex stood up with me. "Sophie isn't dead," he said softly. "She has been here the whole time Rose."

My breathing quickened. "Where is she?"

Alex's eyes burned into mine and he said the most confusing thing I have ever heard in my enter life. "The little girl that you have been hanging around with this whole time is the little sister you believed to be dead."

"Rose, Olive is your little sister. She's Sophie."

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