Chapter Thirteen

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Jennifer's P.O.V

The whole place is noisy, I could barely hear them speak. Paige gets closer to the man at the gate. She whispers something to him, which he looks us over and within a single minute, we were in there.

We sit behind and Paige's brother approaches us, smiling.

"Hey girls, it took you long enough to get here. I almost thought you stood me up," he joked while Kinna pinching Paige.

"Naaaa, we are here aren't we? Come on bring us something to drink."

"And who do we have here? Another Claves?"

"Erm, used to be. She's now Mrs Johnson," Eunice proudly announces.

"Too bad. And where is your ring?"

"You can't seriously be asking this. You want her to scare every guy here. Oh come on," Eunice rolls her eyes.

Eunice says while we laugh. Paige's brother is fun to be with. The only thing is, he asks too many questions. I barely hear him over the noise and so I answer those I hear.

"I heard you dance better than those I've hired. Do you mind dancing tonight? I will let the DJ put a nice song for you."

"I intend to. Don't worry, I will catch the crowd myself," I bragged, already feeling the beat.

Paige stares at me.

"Does her husband know she's this wild? I have known her for less than three hours and..."

"I always say she's a wolf in a sheep disguise...just kidding. She does this once a while. But she's always on track. Let's just say she's one of the bad-good nerds."

I smile at them. They thought I couldn't hear them and so I let them believe that.

"Tequila will do. I want Casa Noble. What about you Jennifer?"

"I don't drink."

Paige quickly looks at me. She smiles at me and whispers something to Eunice.

"You have to enjoy today. You wouldn't know when you are going to die...just this once."

"OK fine, I want something nice."

"Wow, that was quick."

In less than a minute, Chris; Paige's brother brings us our drinks. He sits beside us. I look over at them and they are already done with their drinks. I am the last to drink mine. I was taking it sip by sip.

It tasted nice.

"What drink is this?"

"Cherry Vodka; Smirnoff."

"Oh really? It's nice. You took tequila. I want some. Do me the favor Chris."

"Sure," he says as he goes to the attender.

"Are you sure you will be OK? You don't drink, I'm scared you'll..."

"Don't worry. I'm fine and I'll be fine. Oh here comes Chris."

"This is Fortaleza. Go ahead, I'm sure you'll squeeze your beautiful face."

I drink it and it was like I just took in apple drink.

"Hey, are you sure you are fine? Look, you just finished all the lime. Doesn't it taste sour?"

"No, I think this is different from the normal lime. Where was it plucked?"

They all laugh as I keep moving my waist to the rhythm of the song, "Love in the club." I was intensely watching everyone dance.

I grab another drink. If I had known they tasted this nice, I wouldn't have declined each time I was offered one.

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