Party Time

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        Alex sighed before saying "I found my mate.." we squealed in happiess then "and she rejected me." Saying I was furious was an understatement. 
       "Who's the bitch!" Kat and I scream I unison.
      "Marissa..." our jaws hit the floor.
      Then I had a brilliant idea... "Lets go clubbing!" They look at me like I've grown a second head.
       Marie puts the back of her hand to my forehead, "Are you feeling ok?" she asked.
       I roll my eyes, "I need to loosen up and so does Alex." They all nod.
      "ALEX OUT! WE MUST GET READY!" we all scream together.
      He says while laughing, "Farewell my dear friends until we meet again." then he jumps out of the window. Kat and I are on the floor laughing like no tomorrow while Marie is looking for party dresses.
      "All the way in the back and I'm not wearing a dress." I breathe out making her frown.
      "Yes, you are." I shake my head then grab a bag with clothes I wear clubbing then walk into my bathroom.
       I change into a red velvet corset with black leather skinnies, and a black leather jacket and heeled combot boots. On to my makeup, I do a smokey eye and a deep red lipstick making my green eyes stick out. I just straightened my hair. I walk out quietly to see them looking at my party dresses in shock.
       "Marie wear the sparkly strapless black dress and Kat wear my one shoulder aqua one." I suddenly say. They turn around and I think they dislocated their jaws.
      "What?... How?..." They ask, confused, making me laugh.
      I just shrug "Now get changed!" they left to change.
      Let me tell you they looked stunning. I did their makeup Marie's being a less severe smoke eye with bright red lipstick while Kat has aqua eyeshadow with cat eye liner and coral lipstick. I straightened Marie's bright firey crimson hair and curled Kat's shiny dark brown hair. I gave Marie strappy black heels and Kat a sliver sparkley pair of heels
      "You two look stunning" I say making them look in a full length mirror. They gasp and I'm tackled to the ground in 1.4 seconds. "Can't. breathe." I gasp for air after they climb off.
      "Let's go and find Alex" I suggest only to hear the doorbell making us rush downstairs quickly to find Alex in dark washed skinny jeans and a black v-neck gaping at us. "Close your mouth, wouldn't want any flies to fly in." I joke. He snaps his mouth shut as I pull him to his brand new black mustang.  "Drive to Midnight Howling!" I shout when everyone is in. They look at me
      "We can't get in there with out one of us having a connection Art" Alex explains to me like I'm a two year old.
      "I know and I have one," I say in a duh-tone. "NOW DRIVE"
    Once we get their I walk up to the bouncer and whisper "Bloodrose" signaling him to let my party through. I run into Matteo the Owner. "Hey Buddy!"
       "Artemis!" he beams giving me a hug. "Can you help Lilli bartend to tonight?"
      "Sure why not."
      I head to the bar to see Lilli sucking off a guys face. "Lilli! We are suppose to be working! Not eating a guy's face!"  I joke making her squeal.
    "You're back!"
     I chuckle "Lets go work Lilli!"
     She nods and tells the guy "I'll see you later Clay" He nods then runs off.
    "That the guy of the night?" I ask while sitting on the bar.
    "No he is my mate..." she says timidly. 
     "Finally!" I scream, " 'bout time!" making her laugh.    
      "Give me a shot of your strongest." a husky voice demands. I hop off of the bar and grab the secret mixture, The Howling, and pour it for him.
      "What happened? Mate reject you?" I joked.
      "No, me rejecting her for a slut." he replies.
       I laugh "Is your name Jackson Holland by chance?" He just nodds.
      "Then maybe you shouldn't of rejected me, Hotshot." He looked up shocked. He opens and closes his mouth making him look like a fish. Then the howl signaling it's time for Lilli, me and the other bartenders to dance. I grab Lilli's hand and pull her onto the dance floor to do our routine.
       After dancing I leave because Alex had one to many shots of The Howling and I'm the only one not drunk making me the driver. Grrreeeeeaaaatttt. We all load up and I carry Alex to the guest room and lay him on the bed. I walk to my room to see Kat and Marie crashed on my massive bed.
    I showered and changed into my pjs and head to bed. I fall asleep to the thought of why Jackson was upset about rejecting me...

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