Chapter Twenty Two

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*Two weeks later*

Daniel's P.O.V.

We are currently having a little problem at the publishing house. There's a story under the category of adventure... And there's one person who thinks it should fall under romance.

It's only Jennifer who is fond of that.

We sit at the hall discussing why it should be changed.

"Why do you think it should be changed?"

No one is talking. Then why did they ask me to come here?

"Who asked that we change it to romance?"

"I did, sir. I think it should fall under romance."

"You think? What is your name again?"

"I'm Chloe Dante, sir."

"And you think the story doesn't fall under it's category. What is your definition for romance?"

"A mysterious or fascinating quality or appeal, as of something adventurous, heroic or strangely beautiful."

Looking at her, brings nothing but anger in me. I simply don't like her. It's been two weeks now, and all she does is to remind me of my dead wife!


"What sir? Oh yeah, erm Wikipedia and Thesaurus."

"So what about adventure?"

"An undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks or  an exciting or remarkable experience... Source: Merriam-Webster."

"What is the story about?"

"It is a love story. The writer started with the idea of it being adventure but after they met, it became a love story. Love stories are beautiful..."

"What is so different from the definitions you gave? You believe love stories are beautiful. Come to think of it, now that you've explained them both I think the writer's choice is perfect. Love is about taking unknown risks. An exciting or remarkable experience."

"No sir, you are wrong. That is adventure. Love falls under romance."

"Love is an adventure. Period! End of discussion. The author chose the correct category."

Love is all about unknown risks...involving danger. I'm a living testimony of that.

I always thought love was beautiful and fascinating. Jennifer made me believe in love even when I saw it as not to be necessary in a man's life. She made me realize you just have to find the one.

"Sir, I think you should think about this. It is not..."

"What is your problem miss? If you think you can't work here, the door is always open. This should be the last time you challenge me."

She nods and I turn to leave.


Chloe's P.O.V.

He's always angry with me. Everybody says I behave like his wife.

I remind him of his wife. How can that be even possible?

I admit I feel something strange when he's always around. I can't explain it but whenever I hear him speak I become more relaxed. My mind used to tell me, we are two different people and we will never be together but my heart speaks a different language.

Now, my mind agrees with my heart. When I first saw him, he was angry with me...but I found him handsome.

I liked him when I first saw him and now it grows each and every day.

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