Chapter 25

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Ariana's POV:

"F**k! This is all your fault! I told you to stay away from her didn't I?"

"I.. uh-I"

"Just shut up! I don't want you anywhere near her!"

I groaned hearing all those voice. I could recognise Austin's voice. His voice filled with anger as he talked to the anonymous person.

I could see Austin rush towards me with a worried face after he heard me groan. My eyes weren't completely open because of the light. My head hurt like hell. I saw Austin lean over my body

"Oh my god! Ari, are you ok? Do you need anything? Oh shit! I forgot to call the doctors.. I should call them! No, no! Ugh wait let me call them" Austin ranted

"W-water" I croaked

"Oh shit! I forgot to give you water. I'm so sorry. Ugh I'm ranting again! Wait, let me get some water for you" Austin turned towards the night stand and filled the cup with water.

I felt like dying. My throat was drier than a desert. I could drink a whole tank of water right now. Austin came by my side and placed the cup to my  lips. After a few sips, I was done.

Austin sat on the chair which was beside my bed. He took my hand in his and planted a kiss on it

"I am so sorry Ari. I wasn't there to save you. I know I should've. Mom and Dad asked me to take care of you and I couldn't even do this one thing. I am so sorry" Austin shook his head guiltily. Well, I don't blame him. I would've done this same thing if it was him instead of me.

"I should call the doctors" With that, he went outside.

I groaned out because of the headache. Damn my head hurts.

"How are you feeling?" My eyes snapped open to see Xavier's body towering over mine. His brown eyes filled with worry.

"I could do better" I spoke in a husky voice. I really wasn't feeling good.

"I should've saved you. It's all my fault" Xavier said.. well more like whispered. I think I wasn't meant to hear that but meh, I did.

"Hey it wasn't your fault. I am just that clumsy" I joked. The corner of his lips tilted upwards and I grinned, feeling accomplished. "-and don't worry, I forgive you" I continued with a cheeky grin plastered on my face

He playfully glared "I didn't apology." I rolled my eyes and mutter a small whatever.

"You know, with this look, you can get a perfect job in a horror movie. I'm sure you're gonna get the main role; of the ghost" He spoke in an amused voice

I gasped "How can you say like that?!" I sobbed dramatically only to earn an eye roll from him. "You gotta admit, I look beautiful" I flipped my hair.

"Yeah you look as beautiful as the ogres in Lord Of The Rings"

"And you're as good as Bryce from Thirteen Reasons Why" I stuck my tongue out at him

"Oh c'mon!" He groaned "I'm not that bad" He frowned

I laughed "Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night"

One side of his lips turned upwards in a smirk "You know-" he was cut off by the opening of door. Austin stepped in with young man, maybe in his late 20's. His curly, black hair fell on his forehead as he ran a hand through his hair. He was somewhat shorter than Austin.. Maybe two inches.

"So Miss. Lockwood, How are you feeling now? I am Andrew by the way"  He smiled at me.


"Uh I just have a little headache" I muttered. I looked at Austin who seemed to be glaring at something beside me. I followed his glare and my eyes landed on Xavier who had a scowl on his face.

"Don't worry, It'll get ok with the time. I have prescribed some medicine, take them on time and you'll be good in no time. You've sprained your ankle so you need to rest for a week. No moving or doing any house work or anything. Just rest ok?" He instructed

"Aye Aye captain!" I mocked a salute. Andrew chuckled and left with Austin telling him something.

"I don't like him" Xavier spoke as they left

"Who? Andrew?" I furrowed my brows

"Yeah" Xavier frowned

"Why not? He seems like a good guy"

"He's not! He's a f**king p-" He was cut of with Emma, Josh and the guys coming inside the room. Emma ran up to me and hugged me tightly

"Oh my god Ari! How are you?! How did this happen?! Are you ok?! D-" I cut her off

"EM! I am ok. Just a little headache. Nothing else. You need to calm down" She sighed and took a chair in the middle of the room. It was a simple, white, small room. It had a small couch in one corner and two chairs beside it. There was a chair besides my small bed, occupied by Xavier.

Josh passed a smile to me and I tried my best to smile back. Aidan looked at Xavier once before he took one of the chairs and dragged it besides my bed. 

He took my small hands in his' and planted a small kiss.

I think I just died! He's so sweet!

"When are you getting out of here?"

"Today I think. Honestly, I don't know" I smiled. He cupped one of my cheeks and leaned forward to peck my forehead.

That's it! I'm dead! I felt.. I felt good but it wasn't the way I felt with Xavier. With him it was different. Good different. I would feel butterflies in my stomach and my heart would do a flip but with Aidan, I just.. I don't know what I feel. It's sweet of him to do so

"Get well soon" with that, he left me. He folded his muscular arms on his chest with a smirk plastered on his face with some kind of glint in his eyes.

Xavier's arms were more muscular.

Andddddddd that annoying is back! Bravo!

My eyes snapped to the door as someone slammed it close. I looked at my right to see Xavier gone. The room filled with laughter as I sat there oblivious to the situation.

What happened to him?

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