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Yoongi wasn't at all surprised when Jimin had told him that someone was on his tumblr page in a coffee shop. He figured that a lot of people do the same thing as him, but he was a bit proud that his work was quite popular.

"Ah, Jungkook how does it feel to know someone as famous as me?" Yoongi asked sprawling  himself out on the couch in the living room. Jungkook slowly turned his head away from the TV to look at Yoongi, he was pretty focused on the tv show and really didn't care what Yoongi had to say.

"You're as famous as shit." Jungkook laughed to himself then turned back to watching TV. Yoongi rolled his eyes and stared back down at his phone, Jimin and Yoongi have been talking all day.

chiminpark13: you know i thought you were going to be weird when we first started talking but you're actually really cool and sometimes sweet.. but most of the time rude?

The message kind of left Yoongi speechless, no one ever has said something like that to him. He really took it to heart, this Jimin person was really something.

ballsdeepjimin: as jk would say:
ballsdeepjimin: gay

chiminpark13: jk?
chiminpark13: oh uhm are you a boy?

ballsdeepjimin: jk.. he's my best friend i guess you can say
ballsdeepjimin: lol did you even go through my tumblr?

Yoongi was a bit disappointed that Jimin didn't know he was a boy. Jimin did say he went through Yoongi's tumblr, not trying to be bothered by it anymore he looked towards Jungkook. He almost started gagging as he looked at the boy, Yoongi couldn't believe that kid was his best friend.

Jungkook's head started to fall foreword as his eyes began to close, he was starting to fall asleep again. Yoongi stayed silent as he watched Jungkook's chest slightly rise then drop again. "Uhm," Yoongi mumbled out, quickly looking back down to his phone.

chiminpark13: well.. i didn't go through all of it, i got sleepy. i work a lot

Yoongi completely ignored Jimin's message at first still comprehending that he was looking at Jungkook like how he would look at Park Jimin.

ballsdeepjimin: that was weird
ballsdeepjimin: if you went through my tumblr you would find it
ballsdeepjimin: where do you work?

chiminpark13: what was weird? find what?

ballsdeepjimin: nothing

chiminpark13: ???

ballsdeepjimin: hey i gotta go.. i'm not.. feeling well? just go through my tumblr i guess then you'll find out

Yoongi locked his phone, he stood up not even glancing over at Jungkook. "Gross," He said quietly, wanting to get away from Jungkook, Yoongi went back to his bedroom to lay down for a bit.

Park Jimin laid on his comfortable clean bed, he was more than confused with Yoongi's replies. He didn't understand what just happened, he was a bit mad that Yoongi didn't say anything else.

chiminpark13: okay...

Jimin sighed pulling the laptop closer to his chest, he sighed softly finding the warmth coming from the bottom of the laptop comforting.

"I should be going over lines for this stupid ass movie but.. here I am getting involved with Yoongi." Jimin began to scroll through the rest of Yoongi's tumblr where he had left off.

It was pretty surprising to see how much Yoongi actually cared about him. It made him feel pretty special even though a ton of his fans do the same exact thing. There was so many pictures of him and posts of Yoongi describing his love for Jimin and how he was such an inspiring person. Jimin would laugh every so often when he saw Yoongi talking about his gorgeous bum or how handsome Jimin was.

Jimin was just about to give up until he saw a video. Of course, Yoongi had a ton of videos on his tumblr but they were videos of Jimin. This video was different from the rest, this video showed a boy that Jimin had never seen before. The boy looked so soft and perfect, Jimin really hoped that this was Yoongi because he already fell in love with him just at first sight. Jimin pressed the play button and waited patiently as it loaded.

As soon as the video loaded the boy in the video smiled wide showing off his gums which made Jimin gasp at how beautiful the smile was. "Hey, uhm.. I'm Yoongi and I really just love Park Jimin," Jimin swore he just heard angels singing when Yoongi said his name.

"Holy shit.. he's perfect," Jimin smiled not taking his eyes away from the screen.

Every 'Erm', 'Uhm' and groan that Yoongi made while talking almost had Jimin on the floor. Jimin couldn't believe he had found someone more perfect than he was.

"I have to meet this beautiful man right now- I cant even stand this precious person." Jimin quickly opened their chat again, still groaning over the fact that Yoongi was sent down to Earth looking like a God.

chiminpark13: hey like you're so gorgeous.. and i can't even deal?

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