Twenty Five

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Daniel's P.O.V

As Eunice moves, I notice someone hiding behind her.

I stare into those beautiful eyes that lay in front of me. We stare into each other's eyes for almost three minutes.

I glance over her body and damn this lady is perfectly created by God.

Her dress not only hugged her hips but also showed too much of her breast.

A feeling of possessiveness washes over me. Just the four of us. I remind myself.

Then I realize what I was thinking about. No, I can't be doing this. I always let my heart function first immediately my eyes capture her.

I frown at her.

"What are you doing here?" It is better showing anger than giving in to the other feeling I'm having.

"Eunice invited me. I didn't know you'll be here too," oh shut up.

"This is nonsense! Get out!" I commanded, pointing at the door.

"She's not leaving. I invited her. So she stays," Eunice firmly responds, aching her brows at me.

"Is either she leaves or I do. So choose!"

In the actual fact, I want to stay.

Just that I'm scared I'll fall for her.

She's too young.

There's a possibility she's with someone else.

She's full of life and the last thing I want is to drag her into my shitty obsession. The last thing I want is for her to be jealous of the dead wife.

"No, I will leave. Eunice, I appreciate your kindness..." she starts, hugging Eunice.

"Seriously? Daniel, you are her the company. Here is my home. I'm literally the boss here. Stop scaring the poor girl. What is wrong with you?" She threatens while unfolding her arms around her.

"Eunice is right, Danny. We invited her so please let's eat quietly and talk later or leave," Elvis mutters, pulling down my pockets.

What are these two up to? I know what they are capable of. I don't need anyone to tell me they are trying to set both of us up.

I sigh and glance over her again.

"Fine, let's eat. It is only because I'm hungry."

Everyone sighs, including Chloe.

Chloe and I sit, facing each other. I can't help but steal glances at her.

Every time I do that, our eyes lock. She's also doing same.

No don't do this.

Eunice and Elvis clear the table after we finish eating.

"Who is up for a movie? Elvis and I are," The couple shout, raising their hands.

"I was invited for dinner. Not movies."

"Come on Daniel. Today is Friday. We can play scrabbles..."

"While we talk. Talk," Eunice continues, cutting Elvis short.

"Chloe what do you think?"

"I'm... I...I'm OK with anything."

She's intimidated by me. Good for her.


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