Your Powers-Reprise

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Hello my boos. I'm back from the dead!

So when I wrote the original chapter I must have been really tired or something because...what the heck are those powers even. Whatever though, I'm going to try again lol.


You have the power of electricity. Your like a socket-in battle, you can shock anyone you touch. The rest of the Avengers think you're scary when angered, but Steve doesn't mind. He thinks it's pretty amazing. Your hair even floats from the electricity in your body and your eyes glow yellow.


When you were captured by HYDRA when you were young, they implanted a chip in your brain. It was your companion, helping you figure out weak points in enemies and facilities. Not only that, but enhances your speed and strength while in combat. When you escaped, the chip was made safe by Tony.


You grew up in a witches care. Not an evil one: a kind one that used magic for good. She passed down her magic to you. You can create shields, weapons, and more. You create a light orange hue when in battle. Thor thinks it's amazing and somewhat alike to Asgardians.


You can teleport. You don't tire, either, which is a plus. However, you have to picture the place you want to teleport to. Sometimes, you wrap your arms around Clint, and teleport you two to the beach. Or the Statue of Liberty. The opportunities are endless.


You can fly. You can control yourself: your speed, height, etcetera. Also, you can control others, too. You can chuck the Hulk anywhere he needed to go, as well as the rest of the Avengers. You can't tire, either!


Invisibility. ((Ghost in the Shell vibes))

Not only you were quiet, but you were invisible half of the time. You sneak up on your enemies and kill them simply. You're in and out. This makes you and Natasha the dream team of kicking butts basically.


You control emotions. You can make anyone feel sadness, anger, excitement, name it. At first, when Loki fell in love with you, he literally thought he was under your spell. But he wasn't, he was just scared of loving you. ANYWAY, you're vital in battle because you can make anyone too sad to fight (for example).


You control shadows. Make them bend, twist, whatever you want. You can even have your infamous shadow punch. Pretty self explanatory haha. Basically you punch people with shadows, which you can make into sharp things. You and Bucky are both pretty dark then.


You can turn into different animals. Just concentrate really hard on what animal you want to be and voila. Preferably a lion, cheetah, or something big or destructive during battle. Or sometimes you turn into a cat and sleep. That's what I would do tbh.


You control the wind. On a hot day you can cure everyone's sadness by making nice breezes. Or you can destroy your enemies using hurricane winds.

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