Twenty Seven

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Daniel's P.O.V.


What is she doing here? Is she stalking me now? Did Eunice send her here?

Wait, where's Leah?

"Me? What about me?"

She asked batting her long natural lashes.

"Oh, I'm here to take care of your little cute daughter while my aunt is away."

She answered, staring down at Mia who seemed to be minding her own business with Chloe's hair. Mia likes her. That's new.

"I still don't get why my aunt left her nurse's degree and license to baby sit," she tried to start a conversation.

"I pay her well...better than the government does." That was a total show off. Wait...

Why am I even telling her this?

Mia keeps laughing. And I notice she's undressed. I frowned even more as my teeth hurtfully clenched together.

"And why is she naked?"

"Oh, she doesn't like any of the dresses I pick," she pointed at the pile of clothes behind them.

It seemed Mia's taste was even better than hers. Not that I was complaining.

"She likes to play such games. I don't know why she's awake this early but she's a good kid."

"Yeah, she is."

I walk out of the room.


In the afternoon, Eunice and Elvis arrive at my place.

As we sit chatting, Chloe appears with Mia.

They both exchange confused looks. I was avoiding this. They are definitely going to tease me. Typical of them, they surely deserve each other.

"Just last week, you were pushing her away and we come here to meet her here?" Elvis words ends with a smirk.

"And you didn't even bother to tell us? Chloe I'm so hurt. You were seeing him behind our backs?" Eunice fakes a hurtful smile.

"How I wish! I'm here because my aunt went away. I'm just helping her. I didn't know he is her boss."

She still wants me. Even though I have done nothing other than making her life a living hell.

"Oh really? I thought you two were fooling us. OK, so where's the Doctor? She's still not here. Guess she's got a competition."

"She's no competitor. She's just helping around. She's of a much help than some of us," I reply while eyeing Chloe.

"I didn't know you wanted me to help. You hardly let me near you. The first day I did, you you warned me to stop flirting with you."

I watch her closely. When? When did I tell her that? I know I have said it so many times that she shouldn't come close to me but I just don't remember when it started.

"You'll probably not remember. You were drunk. You even tried to kiss her. You, you awakened the desires in her," Eunice barks into my ears.

No there's a mix up somewhere. I don't remember doing that.

"When?" I whisper, knowing very well my skin is now turning yellow.

"When? Are you seriously asking when you did that?" Elvis adds, shaking his head..

"We'll only tell you if you kiss her. Go ahead we won't tell anyone." Eunice blackmails and that when I realized they were up to something.

I over bust with anger and shout at them, making Chloe almost jump from her seat.

"Aigh, you still can't take a joke. When did you meet her while you were drunk? We were just joking and see...acting all beastly? Go eat your head if you want to get angry!" Eunice's anger turns to match mine.

"Oh, wonderful!" I turn to face Chloe. "As soon as Grace comes, I want you to leave. You understand me, right?"

She looks at me, almost afraid. Eunice looks angry and Elvis looks surprised.

"I will take Mia to her bedroom. I doubt she'll let me leave. Have a nice day sir," Chloe says, her voice being very professional and walks up the stairs.


"That young girl has feelings... Other than the ones she has for you! You can't be shouting at her every time you feel like. I'm a female too. Do you know how sad I'll be if this man over here begins to shout at me?" She projects as she pints at her man.

"Tell me" I also shout, pretending to not know what she is talking about.

"Stop. Being funny doesn't suit you. If someday you two get together..." Elvis threatens without a hint of humor.

But I quickly say to shut him up, "That will never happen. Come down from the clouds."

"Go suit yourself."

It is getting late, and Eunice and Chloe are still playing with Mia.

Elvis and I decide to cook for the ladies.


"Dinner was great, thanks." Chloe compliments before leaving the table.

"I'll clear the place. Just go and check up on Mia," Eunice adds, picking up the plates. She isn't smiling and I know she's still angry, considering her lips almost penetrating through each other as they are firmly press again each other, her nose slightly opening here and there.

"Hope you two will stay here tonight. At least one."I invite, hoping to clear the air. And besides...

I can't possibly stay here alone with Chloe...yeah, and Mia.

"Why do you ask? Is it because of Chloe?" His question surprises me.

"Sort of. Since last week, she's been trying to seduce me at work. I know you won't understand but I know she's been trying to...just that it's not in her so it always fails," a smile escapes through the corner of my lips.

"Guess I have to give her more tips then," Eunice offers while emerging from behind us.

"So you are responsible. You have been giving her those ideas."

"Who else?" She winks at me.

This is bullshit.

Eunice walks upstairs as I turn to Elvis.

"Are you still not giving up? Are you still not over Jennifer?"

I smile at him.

"Jennifer is and will always be my first wife. The mother of my first child. My first in almost every sense. But trust me, I have gotten over her...OK, fine. Just a little part of me still wishes she were here."

"Then what is holding you back?"

"So many things. So many reasons."

"Which are? You can talk with her and sort things out with her. She cares for you....she likes you. Give her a chance."

"I'm giving her time. I'm buying her time. Time to think things through. Because the moment I give in, there's no way I'm letting her go."


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He's giving her time to think things through because the moment he gives in, he's never letting go.

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