Chapter Twenty Eight

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Daniel's P.O.V

*A week later.*

We've been spending time together lately. I mean the four of us. I seem to feel lighter. As if all my burdens have been lifted.

Everyone including my mother and grandmother feel happy that I have found happiness in God knows what.

It is better they don't find out.

I'm here at the publishing house and as much as I try to resist myself, Chloe keeps coming my way.

She's still been trying to seduce me. I mostly find it funny. I feel bad for her...letting Eunice spoil her isn't right.

I was taken aback by the knock on my door.

"Come in," I say to the person.

"Erm, sir. Did you call me?" She asked, looking innocent.

"Chloe I didn't call for you. I know what you are up to," I mention, not showing any emotion on my face even though a smile threatens to break out.

"OK, I wanted to leave these documents personally. It's just last week's report."

She comes closer. She drops the folder, making sure I get more clear view of her breast. I feel my member growing hard. It is just amazing how even I get aroused when she only licks her lips.

I sigh and she still bends, looking at my face.

"If this is how you drop documents on everyone's desk, then I'm sure you've shown everyone your..."

"No!" She quickly screams before I could even finish my statement.

"I only do that to you. I don't show people my's just that..." She pauses for a while before whispering, "I like teasing you." Which I almost missed.

I raise my eyebrow. I know that. She bites her lips with a shy smile.

"You may leave if you are done proving your point."

She nods and leaves.

I sigh before slumping my head on the desk.


I walk around the company. Of late I like spending time in the publishing house.

I stop in front of Chloe's office. I can hear a male's voice. So I open the door. It could be a customer. Or a writer. Or...

"I told you we are done. I'm seeing someone else. I'm sorry about how we had to end it but it was for the better."

"But I can't stop thinking about you. I have always been your first love. How can you throw that away? Did I do anything to you?"

"No you didn't. I told you it is not because of you. It is because of me. I wanted a break. I was naive to think I'll marry my first boyfriend. But the love I felt for you isn't the same as I feel now. I see you now as the brother I never had," Chloe confesses to the guy. It reminds me of when I told her I didn't want her as a woman but as a sister I never had.

Is she also saying that to the guy because she likes him? I'm confused here. Who is he?

Her first love!  A tiny voice won't stop whining inside my head.

It hits me like a rock falling from the mountains. What does he want?

"Just give me another chance. I'll make things right."

"I love someone else. I'm sorry but I'm madly in love with that person. I am sorry. You are a great person. Every girl will love to be in my shoes. Please, let's just be friends. I...I...know...please."

"I can't."

"That is all I can offer now. Don't make this difficult. We know each other since childhood. It will be bad if we end things as enemies."

"You know I can never hurt you. OK, friends," he whispers.

They pull each other in a big nice hug.

I can't believe how firm she stood as to prove she loves someone else. Not necessarily because it's me.

I would've gone crazy if I were in his shoes. Hearing this from your childhood girlfriend, I don't know, but it really hurts.

I open the the door wider. Chloe quickly jumps from his embrace.

"I'll take my leave. I can see your boss is here. I don't want this to be in your bad records," he gently says to her. He nods at me before heading out.

"It is not what you think it is. He's... He's..."

"No need to explain. I understand." I softly assures her.

She has tears falling down her cheeks.

It breaks my heart.

"He's such a great guy. It hurts me to hurt him. He's..."

I pull her into a hug... It was on an impulse.

She feels so right in my arms. I pat her back as she shed her tears.

I feel sad she's crying.

As she raises her face to meet mine. We both stare into each other's eyes.

It only means one thing.

I only want one thing.

I feel like doing just one thing.

But I won't. I will hold myself.


Before I can think straight, her lips gently finds mine. We both keep kissing. It gets deeper and I lose every sense of control I have left.

My hands start to move behind her. I'm so lost into the kiss.

When the door opens and a surprised voice shouts.

"What the hell is happening here?"


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