Chapter Twenty Nine

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*Chloe's P.O.V

Both Daniel and I look at the intruder. Both of us shocked.


His mother? Oh goodness, I feel so nervous now. How would she see me? She'll probably think I have no manners. Please God save me.

"Yes, and who is this young lady? Your girlfriend?" She sounds happy. I look at her. She looks so young. She has pretty cheeks and brighter teeth. She has a nice neck and she has no wrinkles on her face. One will think she's Daniel's elder sister.

"Mum, let's go to my office," Daniel suggests to her as he tries leading her into his office.

"Why? I want to know about your girlfriend. Is it so wrong? No wonder you look cheerful lately. You look happy. She's so young. And beautiful," her compliment made my cheeks hotter than it WS when she entered the room.

"Mum!" Daniel warns. It seems the woman wasn't moved by his warning eyes a bit.

"Eeeigh! Why? I'm not in a hurry to speak to you. I have changed my mind," she teases as she finds her way into one of the chairs.

I quickly feel the need to explain to her what she saw.

"Madam, I'm sorry. It just happened. It is not what it seems like...i mean, what you saw. We didn't mean to get carried away. Please don't see me as..."

"Relax young lady. First of all, I know what I saw. Secondly, call me mum...or mother. And I'm glad you make my son happy," she cheerfully giggles.

Only if you knew. But...

I can't believe I'm blushing. Maybe not to what she said but how she said it.

"Oh and don't worry, I don't see you in anyway. This man here, has a weird way of finding his women," she announces, pointing at the man who frowns at both his mother and I.

But I'm not weird. Or?

"You know how he met his...I mean, you remember how he met you right?"

I know exactly what she was trying to ask. Guess you say more than you intend when you talk too much. Not that I meant she talks too much. I meant in general.

"I'm inviting you over for dinner. His grandmother will love to meet you. We'll have a lot of things to tell you. And a lot of things to do. You know what?" She giggles like a small girl.

This woman is behaving like a small girl and I'm loving it. Honestly I feel like hugging her right now.

"What's your name? I got carried away. I forgot to ask."

"I'm Chloe Dante."

"Nice name. As beautiful as your name," she praises.

"Mum enough. Let's get to my office, please," Daniel pleads, his eyes begging me to back him up.

"Oh sure," she agrees while getting up.

I watch as they leave. I finally breathe out.


Daniel's P.O.V

My mother smiles at me and I have no other choice than to smile too. She really pissed me off in there. But as lovely as her smile is, I forget all about it and hold her arm gently.

She sits comfortably. She clears her throat and asks if she could get something to drink.

"Here, have it mum," I offer her glass of water and I ask what she was trying to do, "What happened in there?"

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