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       I wake up to Kat and Marie groaning. I throw them some aspirin and water bottles. "Hangover meds chicas!" then I walk to Alex's room and toss him his hangover meds. "Merry Christmas!" I say sarcastically then turn to walk out alone to be pinned against the ground by Alex.
       "Get off of me Alex!" I shriek.
       "Nope I like this position." He smirks.
       "You pervert!" I yell loud enough for every one to hear then I kick him off of me. Then I drag him outside knee him in the family jewels. "Now get away from me!" I snarl then I slam the front door in his face. Beck, Hope, Hunter, Matthew, Marie and Kat look at me shocked. Now I have to explain everything. "He was being a horny ass fucking teenager." I growl and stomp into the kitchen. "New topic please."
        "So what should we do tonight?" Marie spoke up. I held up a finger then sniffed the air. Hope's scent changed.
       "You mated my best friend?!?! ALREADY?!?" I growl and lunge at Beck. He may be my brother but She has helped me through my bullied years while he sat on his ass and watched.
       Hope grabbed my arm and told me, "I asked him to Art, dont worry." I just turned and ran. I don't know where to though.
       I heard a twig snap and a sandy colored wolf emerge. It shifted and It was Jaskson.... He was uh naked. I shielded my eyes and tossed him a pair of shorts.
       "All clear." He said. I slowly uncover my eyes and Zayum he was a sight to seen. He had an eight pack and his hair was messy along with a smirk. "Like what you see?" Shit he saw me checking him out.
        I shrugged "I've seen better," I joke. His eyes as turn three shades darker and growled darkly making me shiver in pleasure. Damn it, stupid mate bond. In 0.5 seconds I was pinned by him and sparks were flowing through me.
      "What did you say?"
      "You heard me"
      He growled. "You are mine!"
      Wrong move buddy. "I'm not yours! You rejected me!" I growl. Guilt, Regret and Pain flashed in his eyes.
      "I'm -" He began.
      "Dont you dare say sorry after what you did!" I screamed then ran to my place.
      It was a meadow with a crystal clear lake and waterfall with flowers of every color surronding it. Guess what I did. I cried.
      I stayed there till Kat came.
      "Art? You ok?" she asked concern leaking into her voice.
      "You know the answer kitty." I replied emotionless. I was suddenly pulled into a bear hug. "can't.... breathe..." I gasp out. She lets go and smiles at me. "A little warning would be nice." I joke causing her to playfully glare at me.
      "Now chica tell me what happened." she demanded. I explained everything and she watched me then gently hugged me before saying,"Maybe you should at least talk to him and make him work for you!"
      "Oh he is going to fucking work for it. He is starting from square fucking one." I spit out making her eyes widen.
      "But you have know each other all of your life." I just shrug at her.
      "We never really talked though he was either with his friends or now of days.... uh.... doing it with the sluts. now NEW TOPIC!"
     "Your Birthday is in two weeks." she states randomly.  I shake my head no then she shows me the date. It's the 18th of August...(A/N their school starts in August.) Shit my Birthday is in two weeks.
     "I want a masquerade." I state and she just smiles.
     "I know Art. That's been your dream since a kid so when you and you mate meet its a mystery for who dream boy is." then she frowns,"But you already met your mate."
     "So? We have this all planned out accept the dresses" i say refering to the planner we made with Marie and Hope.
     "Whoops! I forgot!" she exclaims. I just laugh.
     "Lets go to my seamstress." I state. she just looks at me funny. "The dress maker?" I question. Her mouth forms into an 'o'. I just laugh and start walking toward the pack house were Alona, the semstress,lives.

~Skipping the long walk~

      We walk into the pack house making everyone stop and look at me and whisper. They may be my pack but they haven't seen my face since  I was ten years old and I'm 17 now.
      "Where is Alona?" "I'm over here my dear." Alona steps into view. She was gorgeous in just a plain tee and jeans.
      "Done hiding behind the hood I see Artemis." she says while beaming. she has been trying to convince me to stop hiding and step in the light.
      "Yes I did. do you mind if we talk? About two new dresses? One for me and another for my dear friend here." I ask gestering to Kat. She squeals then pulls us to her room for the dresses she has made for this day, shocking me.
     "What style?" Alona asks.
     "Elegant evening gowns" I say still in shock.
     "Masquerade?" she asks. We nodd. She helped with the color schemes of the party.
     "Yes. May we try on the dresses?" I ask politely.
     "You don't  need permission darling. All of these dresses are yours." she says while gestering around the room making my jaw hit the floor. Alona giggles at my actions then leaves.
     Kat begans her search for my dress and find about ten for me and ten for her then pushes me in the dressing room.
     "You first mi'lady." she say in a britsh accent then curtsies. I just laugh and go try on the dresses I pick up the first one I pick up in sparkly and neon pink.
     "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME KAT?!" I scream throwing the dress at her. She is laughing her ass off.
     "That one was a joke." she breathes out making me glare at her
      I stomp back in to find a hideous brown colored dress that not even my grandmother would wear. I throw that dress at her to.
     "What's wrong with this one?" she whines.
    "Kitty I have black hair!" I exclaim.
    "Oh" is the reply I got in return.
     The next dress is actally pretty its a deep red strapless mermaid style dress with a beautiful ruby design. I slip it on and it fits like a glove. I walk out and she does a double take, what she says is shocking.
     "Are those real?" she asks refering to my cleveage making me brust out laughing.
     "Yes they're real." I breathe out.
     "Ok, now spin." I do as told.
      She grins "Beautiful"
      I bow jokingly, "Thank you, Thank you." I say as I walk back in and change in a black velvet dress that made me feel like a nun. I step out while saying "No, no, no, no!" like a three year old.
      "I agree. that is a definite no."
       After trying on the other dresses I'm left with one more to try on. Its a strapless black silk with lace covering the corset with a lace-up back and a silt ending mid-thigh. I step out and Kat gasps. I smile "I found my dress."
       "No Shit Sherlock!" Kat exclaims. I laugh while I go change into my clothing and put the dress in the dress cover. I walk out to and look thourgh Kat's dress choice to find all but one would look horrid on her. I shove the dress into her hand and push her in the changing room then I wait for what seems to be ages till she finally comes out and she looks stunning. The dress is a midnight blue with an elegant design of diamonds on the top and a flowing skirt of the dress.
       "SPIN!" I scream. She lets out a giggle as she spins. "Thats your dress. No doubt about it." I state.
      After the dress searching we go up to Matthew and tell him about the party and of course he complains. "Its my year to choose the theme." I state stubbornly making him groan out in annoyance. 
     "Fine" he replies obviously annoyed.
     "Good. Now you, Hunter and Beck have to get suits." he groans when I say that.
   "You got look good for your mate Matt." I exclaim making him get a little twinkle in his eyes before he sprints away. My brother can't wait to meet his mate, and I know he will never reject her or him no matter what.
   I find Marie and Hope and hand them their invites then leave to have a girls day with Kat only to run into...

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