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Now that I had my best friend back, everything seemed right, maybe even perfect. Colin hung out with me, pretty much every minute, weather that was reading, finishing homework, watching a movie or playing video games. I didn't force him to hang out with the guys, I really couldn't distance myself from him. Maybe I should soak it up while I could and deal with the consequences later.

"What did you get for question 13?" Colin asked as he sat at the table with Hannah, Chris, and one of Colin's friend Jesse.

I rolled my eyes from the counter where I was currently baking cookies. "Colin, I said you have to try the pre test yourself."

He growled lowly and I smiled. After putting the cookies in the oven I made my way to the table, where at my spot was two math assignments, three English essays and one Music appreciation project to look over.

"I marked all the words that you should look at synonyms for and a few grammar mistakes. Oh, also I'm not sure that this fact is right. What's the source?" I asked Jesse as I handed his paper back.

He looked down at his work, his dark eyes roaming the red marks I'd put all over the page. "I made that one up, thought it would be good." His face reddened.

"The teacher will know its fake and start to dive into all the other facts to make sure they're right too. Cut that part out and you'll get a better grade. Trust me."

"Thanks, Kat." He smiled over at me before rewriting his new essay with my suggestions. My eyes found Colin looming over his test and they narrowed when I saw him looking at a cheat sheet.

"I'm not going to help you Colin if you're going to cheat on a pre test." I let out a sigh of amusement.

"Come on Kat." He laughed, flashing me his brilliant smile. "I'm trying here."

"Oh so very hard." I agreed looking back to another assignment.

Colin bumped his knee with mine and I could feel my skin tingle slightly. My smile stretched across my face before I looked up at him. I had to catch my breath because he was just so...perfect.

His eyes were so intense that they instantly captured mine, holding me there with no option to look away, not that I wanted to. Honestly I would have liked to stay like that forever, it was like looking into his pure and perfect soul.

But the timer buzzed and he released my gaze, I blinked rapidly for a few seconds trying to catch my body up to my already racing mind. I didn't want to move, I was more than comfortable sitting here beside him.

After what seemed like hours I finally got my feet to move and I was standing at the oven taking out the cookies. For extra measure I took a few deep breaths while they cooled. I didn't know if I wanted to go back to the table, sure I was comfortable there but I was I really alright? Something was wrong with me.

"I'm going to head up to bed, um.." I trailed off as I ran a hand threw my hair as I leaned on a crutch. "I'll help you guys tomorrow if you want. Jesse, I think I finished all your assignments but if you have anything else I will do it as well."

"I'm good but thanks Kat." Jesse smiled up from his paper. I could feel Colin's eyes on me and I had to force myself not to look at him, I didn't want to get sucked in.

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