Silence knows why

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It's been a few minutes since Alex confessed to me about Olive being Sophie. It was very hard to hear. One second my younger sister was dead because I couldn't save her from my own father and then the next I found out she was alive the whole time. Sophie was with me the whole time.

Sophie was the little girl Jackson and I ran into in the woods. Sophie was the little girl who ate pancakes with us for Jackson's birthday. Sophie was the little girl who claimed that she wanted to marry Silence (me). Sophie is that cute little girl who smiles every day and welcomes people into her heart with joy and happiness.

So when I realized that, I cried, a lot.

It took me long enough to finally calm down, but even then I stood frozen trying to sink in the information. 

Olive = Sophie

Olive = Sister

"Are you going to tell her? About the fact that she isn't biologically your sister." I finally asked Alex after a moment of complete silence.

Olive doesn't know because if she did she would have mentioned it. That's just who she is.

Alex was taken aback by my question, even looked slightly confused and offended.  "No. No, why would I tell her?"

"Alex, she needs to know. Were you just planning to hand her over like nothing when she hits eighteen without any explanation?" That would be awful. I wouldn't want that to happen to me, just being handed over to another family just because of some deal you never heard of. Olive should be told about this.

"I wasn't planning on doing that," Alex said while glaring at the floor. What he said made me wonder what he meant by it.

"Then what were you planning on doing?" I asked silently leaning closer to him. He glared at the floor more intensely which made me know he wasn't totally okay with telling me, but I needed to know.

I placed my small hands over his giant ones, gently letting my warmth invade his cold fingers. "Alex, you can tell me."

He sighed and his glare calmed down a bit. 

"I-I was--am planning on killing him before Olive hits eighteen. Then she wouldn't have to go away and she could live with my pack, like a true family."

He is planning on killing Robert? But for that you would have to have the most powerfu-- "That's why you are obsessed with being powerful? You would have to have the most powerful pack to be able to compete with Robert."

He nodded. 

All of this crazy powerful talk was because of Olive. He doesn't want to lose her, he would do anything for her. Even lie to his mate.

"But, Robert is the king of the Night Doves. Did you really think it could be possible to equal him in combat?" I asked Alex even if we both knew the answer.

"It's Olive, I tried to think of anything but that solution seemed to be the best one. I would do anything for her. She isn't my sister by blood but she is still my sister by heart and I plan on keeping it that way. No one is going to take her away. Not even Robert."

I understand the feeling. About wanting to take care of someone close to you that you would risk your own life for them. Just because they are the person you love with all your heart and can never see the world without them in it.

"What was the jewel Robert was talking about?" He seemed to have some problem going on with the 'jewel'.

Alex looked me in the eyes. "The jewel is you. When I was younger I knew Robert had a daughter who ran off but I only knew her by 'jewel'. He said that his 'jewel' was the most precious thing that got away."

"His most precious killing machine," I said with a growl.

"I thought the same thing," Alex said with a soft chuckle.

I sat up straighter trying to make this atmosphere become more relaxed. "What did he mean by 'something is going on with my jewel'?" 

"You heard everything, didn't you?"

"Just answer the question."

He sighed. "I don't understand much about the Night Dove pack but Robert knows...things."

My eyebrows drew together not quite understanding what he meant. "What type of... things?" It couldn't be bad right? 'Things' could mean anything.

"He hires Witches to tell him the future. But most Witch nowadays can't have clear prophecies so they can only tell you about future possibilities based on the person's feelings and actions of the present."

I took in everything Alex told me and started to understand little by little. "So he hired a Witch to tell him his future?"

Alex shook his head. "He hired a Witch to tell him your future." 

My future? Robert hired a Witch to tell him my future. But it's been so many years since I left, why is he still keeping tabs on me? He should have just let me go. But why does he need Olive? What was in my future that made Robert want Olive earlier than needed?

"Something is going to happen, he wants Olive because something in your future is going to ruin Robert," Alex said while thinking as deeply as I.

I guess Alex doesn't know about the future prophecies that Robert was told. At least I am caught up with everything and I found out so many things about myself that have been eating me up for a long as I can remember.

"But what is he going to do with Olive?" I asked even if I slightly knew the answer, I just wanted to hear it from Alex to make sure that I am right.

"Turn her into what he turned you."

A killing machine.


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