Chapter Thirty Seven

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Chloe's P.O.V

These few days with Daniel has not been bad at all. He's refused to let me drive. Which I find not necessary.

The famous Grace is someone I'm yet to meet. She's coming over this afternoon and I'm so glad to meet her.

Daniel cups my cheeks into his palms.

"She's here. She's been dying to meet you," He announced while kissing me on my lips.

I open my eyes to see a beautiful woman staring at us. She clears her throat.

"Hey, I'm glad to finally meet you."

"Same here," I also agreed.

"It's like we are playing hide and seek with each other. Hah! You look quiet not bad," she praised with a smile.

"Quiet not bad?" Daniel echoed, his brows forming a frown.

She nods and looks at me again.

"You look familiar. It's like I've seen you before. Somewhere I just can't remember," she acknowledged, her eyes scanning me from head to toe.

I frown before saying, "I don't think we've met before. I don't remember seeing you."

She nods again.


As I walk nearer to the kitchen, I hear Grace talking to someone on her phone. She seems scared while talking.

"I'm serious. It's her. And my conscience wouldn't let me be."

She listens to the person and she says to the person on the other line, "Yeah It's been almost two years but I don't know, seeing her makes me so...oh goodness. Of all the men in this country, why must she fall for him!"

There is silence. Who are they talking about?

None of your business. A voice said to me and I decide to walk away.

Immediately I turn, I hear her say, "If he finds out we killed his wife to save that young girl, he'll kill me...of course he'll find out someday, whether I tell him or not!"

They killed Jennifer? This woman is a beast! How dare her! I open the door wider so she'll know I heard her.

She drops her phone to cover her lips with her hand.

"You are a monster!"

I turn to leave while she holds me.

"You weren't supposed to find out. You better keep it as a secret. It's confidential," she said with  a shaky voice.

"Hell no! I'll have to report you. Daniel needs to know," the anger building inside me took over me.

"If you do, he'll hate us for the rest of his life," she whispered.

Us? Did she mean I'm involved?

"Whose heart do you think you had?"

I frown at her question.

"How am I to know? What has it gotten to do with me?"

"Are you dumb or what!" She shouted, showing her desperation.

I can't believe this. I can't believe this!

"Please don't tell him. I know you have to. But do you want to? Do you want to open the wound that took about almost two years to heal? Think about him. He'll get his heart broken all over again. He'll... He'll not only hate you but himself too. Who will take care of Mia? You have no idea what we went through when Jennifer died."

My eyes are even hurting. The tears wouldn't stop flowing. I am shocked at what she is telling me.

"That is why you love him. That is why you'd go extra miles for him and Mia. Because that heart, once loved them and won't stop till it stops beating," she told with her two fingers touching me.

I'm lost with words. My mind stops thinking. I don't know what to do.

"Now he feels happy because he has found someone he can love again and luckily that person is you."

I can't believe this!

"Please. He'll hate us including himself when he finds out. Please do it for Mia."

I swallow and nod my head in agreement.

She hugs me. And honestly I didn't care she was a monster right now. All I needed was someone to hold me from falling.

She saved my life...yes, by killing someone else. I was conflicted. Should I feel grateful? Or angry!

"She was going to die anyway. We just had to do it before her time because we were loosing you. And to tell you the truth, she did it to save you. It was all her idea. She knew you would love them."

"What if I wasn't someone who followed her heart? Then what! What if I hadn't met him? What if?"

"Don't over think. Everything will be fine," she assured.

"Is that supposed to make me feel any better? How am I supposed to be with him? My conscience wouldn't allow me. It will slowly kill me."

"I thought so at first. Everything will be fine."

I nod my head. If he hears this, he'll totally break down. He'll die.

"What is going on here?" His voice startled us both.

"Nothing. We are fine," she replied him with both us turning our backs to him.

"You can't tell me you are fine. You both are crying. And Chloe...look at me when I'm talking to you," he said the last part almost with an angry tone.

I slowly look into his eyes. God, why is it so hard?

"Nothing really. She told me about her experiences in the hospital. And I find them sad...most of them. I have read stories but I have never listened to a one on one experience before. I..."

He hugs me tightly. Oh God, I don't deserve him!


It's getting late. And I need someone to talk to. But who would it be? My mum is too far to hold me. My aunt will be busy with Mia, if Grace and I leave.

I can't call Eunice. Not on this. That's her cousin. She'll hate me.

Elvis? No, he's related to them some way or the other.

I have no one to talk to. I have no one to hold me.

Should I call Elliot? No, I can't. What if he walks up to him and tells him everything? Besides, it's because of this that I don't love him anymore.

I'm in such a mess. Should I just end everything and go to mum's place? Should I tell him I've stopped loving him?

Oh God, why so many questions?


Happy happy mother's Day.

If you are a mother, I really admire you. God bless you!

So many questions going through her mind right now. What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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