Ark: Volume 1 Chapter 6

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Cat Knight

"What is this place?"

Ark took a look at his surroundings.

Darkness so thick, couldn't see an inch of the area surround him.

"If it was a Warp, it shouldn't be that far away..."

The distance you could move with a Warp was just 200 meters. Furthermore, it was a spell that couldn't designate a coordinate. It just randomly moved you anywhere in the vicinity. Nevertheless, the reason why it belonged under the category of Advanced Spells was because if a Magician used Warp, they demonstrated enormous power.

There were many cases where a Magician with weak defense was attacked by an approaching fighter before he could utter a spell. He would then use Warp, which had a short cast time. The distance wasn't much, and the coordinates couldn't be designated either, but it was the most useful spell for getting behind a disconcerted fighter.

There was an immense difference in the survival rates of Magicians who didn't learn Warp and Magicians who did.

'Anyway, seems like I've survived thanks to it.'

As Ark wandered around, he soon discovered Haverstein, who had collapsed in the area.

"Viscount, please come to your senses!"

The weakly trembling Haverstein opened his eyes.

"It's Ark... You survived. What a relief."

Haverstein mumbled with a dull voice.

"Please come to your senses. You can't become weak. Don't you have to carry out your father's revenge?"

"You're wrong. Even if I listen to your words... strength... doesn't come out... The soldiers have suffered too... Even my father's revenge... I couldn't even protect my son... Pathetic... Cough!"

Haverstein jerkily vomited blood. Soon afterward, he grabbed his silver necklace, ripped it away, and pulled it out for Ark.

"Ark, my son is strong... Without a doubt, he will grow up strong... Tell this to that child... 'I'm sorry I couldn't protect you... And be sure to protect your son...' Tell him... Can you promise me... that you will live and tell him...?"

"I understand."

- You have acquired Viscount Haverstein's Blood-stained Silver Necklace.

"Thank you..."

The weakly trembling Haverstein's arm fell limply. Then his body slowly became transparent.

Ark softly clenched his teeth. The body was disappearing. Though it was nothing new, with this scene, he was once again reminded of the fact that NPCs are not human. Nevertheless, his heart was sorrowful.

Although he was an NPC, he was someone Ark had cared for in his own way. Ark had sincerely nursed him. Seeing someone like that disappear before his eyes flooded him with an indescribable mixture of emotions.

Then the sound of rolling drums rang in his ear.

'Ah, that's right. Damn, if Haverstein dies then the quest is a failure, right?'

For it to end in failure after suffering so much... But exploding in anger would be futile.

A dead person doesn't disappear. The NPCs were also the same. The one and only point that differed from reality, was that when NPCs died a person who could perform their role in their place would soon appear. No, was reality like that too?

While Ark was having those thoughts, the quest window opened.

Ark's eyes widened.

"Oh? What?"

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