Chapter Forty Two

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Daniel's P.O.V

As much as I wish I never told her we should be friends, I can't take my words back. The distance made me realize the past must remain where it should be.

The distance made me think things through. She's at no fault and Jennifer also wanted it anyway.

Absence makes the heart grows fonder. I miss her so much and as much I wish I had her in my arms, I can't. I ended things between us, it won't be fair if I go back to her and ask her to come back.

It will make her furious. I don't know what she wants. She's stopped calling and texting me.

I get worried all the time as my mind wonders where she is and could be. Life without her these weeks hasn't been easy.

My mother and grandmother want me to come over tonight for supper. They are just going to talk about the same thing.

And unfortunately, Elvis and Eunice are going to be there. These two take things lightly even when their heads are on the line.

They are just perfect for each other.


I arrive at my grandmother's compound. I sigh before entering. I meet Eunice first with her arms crossed. She isn't smiling. I haven't talked to her for weeks.

I miss her though. As much as I hate her, I can't stop loving her. Who wouldn't? Such a crazy girl.

I nod at her, also not smiling. I try walking pass her when she pulls me back. I almost fell.

"What is wrong with you?!!!"

"The mighty man decides to talk to me," she said without smiling.

"If you'd excuse me. I have people to meet. Excuse me."

I smile as I walk pass her.

I guess I'm late because I can see everyone already seated. I walk further only to stop half way.

Why is she here? I feel excited to see her again but I'm not gonna lose control now.

"What is she doing here?" I said pointing at the lady I love so much.

"I invited her." My grandmother said.

I see Chloe chewing her nails. She's still doing that. She even does that when she's not nervous.

"I arrived today and I'm so tired. We've been waiting for you. Since you are here, why not come and sit so we can finish and leave. I want to rest," Chloe said.

Wow, where from this courage? She even looked me in the eye and said those words.

"Son, come and sit."

"Don't worry, mum. If he wants to stand while eating, he's free to do so. We are tired of reaching to him. He's still the arrogant man after all," Eunice said

I eye her and pull my chair to sit on. Elvis has been quiet since I arrived. He's been avoiding me for the past four days.

After dinner, we sit to chat as we always do. Grandmother smiles at me and I know what she's going to say. She's been talking about her death lately. Telling me she doesn't know when death will come for her. She wants me to marry.

Who is she kidding?

"Hey Chloe, I heard you have a fine Gentleman helping you out," my mum said to Chloe.

Fine gentleman? I frown but quickly straighten up.

"Who? Oh, Elliot? Yes. He's been much of a help."

I have heard that name before. Who is he?

Oh yes, her ex. So she's back with her ex. What nonsense is this?

I raise my head to find my mum looking at me.

"Any problem, mum? "

"No, just wanting to ask if you've found anybody. Chloe has someone else. She's quiet doing great."

"I can see that. Congratulations."

I smirk as I see my grandmother eyeing me. Quiet not the reaction they were expecting.

"Thanks for dinner. I have plenty of work to do. I'll see you guys later. Elvis can I see you outside for a moment."

He walks out before I even got my answer.

We get to my car and he leans on it.

"What do you want? My advise? My help? My company?"

"Why are you avoiding me?"

"What is your problem? Is she that easy to get over with? What is it that you want?"

"Sometimes I feel like you are no longer my best friend. You always talk in favor of her. What is my problem? You always talk about me getting back with her and you fail to inform me about her ex."

"You look OK. I can see you are over her. It's nice to see you happy."

"You have a fine way of making jokes."

I sigh. That is when I realize I'm not happy. I still love her and she's getting back with her ex.

"I can't be in this pain while she's moving on," I whispered.

"You are sick. Let's get you to the hospital. Seriously, I now realize you are psychologically not fit. These emotional break downs got you crazy. Why didn't I think about this?"

"I'm fine, trust me."

"You are not!!! Where do you want to go for your treatment? I can arrange it as fast as possible."

He's serious. This is the first time he's been serious about some joke. I'm sure I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me.

"Stop it. Why do you say that?"

" time I checked, you didn't want her. Now she's trying to move on, you are here talking rubbish. She's moving on while you are hurting? You are crazy. Everything about you now a days is crazy."

"At least you have a name for it. I don't. I'm as confused as you are. I want her to make her own decisions yet I want to make them for her. I want her and the next moment I don't want to admit it."

"You can make the best decision by going in there to ask her to marry you."

Do I want to marry her now?

"No, not until we've cleared the thick air round us. We need to settle things before thinking about marriage. She probably wants her ex now. I don't want her to hate me because I ruined her only chance with him."

"There's noth...I mean there's nothing you have to do now, right?"

I'm sure he wanted to say something else.

And I will find out sooner or later.


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