Chapter TWENTY

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Chapter TWENTY


Kat's POV

A burning building, no not a building, my house. Our house had gone up in flames and they were investigating the cause as I was the only one home and asleep up stairs with a broken leg.

Chris, Tommy, and Colin shared a theory that caused a cold shiver of dread to run down my spine. Apparently there had been a fresh trail around the house from Shane. How does he keep getting past the border patrol?

They all seemed to have the same questions as I did but no one seemed to have answers.

My mother was on the phone with our grandparents for a while before she hung up and beamed. "Change of plans kids, we're going to Grandma and grandpa's while the house gets fixed, should only take the remain two weeks of the Holiday."

Hannah smiled, Chris looked relieved and Tommy laughed. "Finally I can kick Peter's ass in one on one hockey."

I smiled at the memory of when Peter's and Tommy relviary started. It had been in Kindergarten when they were in the same class. Tommy had gotten all the girls to laugh at a joke and when Peter tried to do the same one, they accused him of taking Tommy's joke. Stupid, but kindergartens are always dramatic.

From there it escalated to the best grades, to who played the piano better, to who had the most girls and who was picked first for sports. The two were always trying to one up the other and they were always together. They were the best friends in a weird way.

My smile faltered when I looked to Colin. I'd have to leave him for two whole weeks? The thought seem unbearable at the moment but it would be good for us, I was trying to distance myself after all. But two weeks?

"Looks like I can't go to that party." I laughed weakly as everyone else chatted happily.

His eyes were sad but he laughed, "You didn't want to go anyway."

"I would have went just hang out with you." I told him.

"Happy New Year Kitty Kat." He whispered, staring into my eyes.

"Happy New Year Colin." I whispered back.

The next thing I knew I was being carried to the car, I gripped Colin's shirt tightly. I didn't want to let him go. How was I going to sleep without him? He chased the bad dreams away, he made it possible for me to sleep in peace.

He set me down gently and smiled at the tight grip on his shirt, "Keep yourself safe alright." His fingers trailed across my cheek and my skin tingled pleasantly. "I'll be here when you guys get back."

"Okay." I nodded, my voice thick with emotion.

He chuckled, still holding my eyes, "I might have to work day and night so it doesn't take two weeks to fix your house."

Rolling my eyes I let go of his shirt, "You do that." I agreed.

His arms were around my shoulders as he held me to him. I bit my lip and took in his scent. The perfect woodsy scent that he always smelled like, it was intoxicating.

"Call me. Text me." He muttered.

"Dido." I told him and he laughed looking at me half amused.

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