Chapter Forty Five

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Chloe's P.O.V

I quickly close my eyes as I feel his presence getting closer. I am scared to face him. I don't know what he wants now.

He whispers my name while rubbing my back with his hand. It's been long since he touched me. I hold my breath as he continues to do that.

His hand brings out those desires I have been suppressing for long. Before I realize, I moan his name too.

I get up to face him and he smiles beautifully at me. I look else where trying so hard not to get affected by him.

"I'm sorry for all the pains I made you go through. I am really sorry for every single tear I made you shed."

I swallow while still looking anywhere but his face.

"You said you don't want me, I understand. Please don't say it again. I..."

He chuckles and says, "When I met you in my wife's office that day, I got furious and confused. When I opened the door, how you raised your head, pouted and seriously you were resting your hand under your chin, well it got me got me...made my heart beat for a second."

"Well, I did that because I have your wife's heart. It keeps telling me what to do," I simply concluded.

But he ignores me and continues, "Then when I got to know you were taking her job, after more than a year after her death, I thought you wanted her office too. Everybody said you reminded them of Jennifer and they were right. You went around the company as if you owned the place. You knew every where in the company."

I look at him and I see so many emotions in his eyes. Hurt, confusion, tension, sadness...

"All of a sudden you became friends with Eunice and Elvis and they kept talking about you. At that time everything got me bored and they were all happy about meeting you. It just kept me thinking."

"Sorry," I said that because I didn't know what to say to him.

He captures my hand in his and kisses them. He's avoiding my eyes and I know he's fighting a lot of battles within him.

"At first when I accepted you into my life, I did that because you wanted it to happen and because I wanted a mother for Mia. I didn't want to accept I felt something. I'm sorry."

He then looks at me. His eyes look teary. I sigh and he smiles.

"Then when I realized I felt more than attraction? I decided to keep you for the rest of our lives. I vowed to make you happy. It turned out I'm the one who always hurt you. I'm sorry."

He kisses my palms again.

"When I heard you had Jennifer's heart, I thought maybe you only loved me because Jennifer loved me. So I wanted you to be free. I learnt from Leah, you really loved Elliot. I felt because of me, you didn't even have a say in what you feel."

That's not true. I frown.

"I know," he quickly said as if he could read my mind, "But I couldn't help myself but to feel that way. I was sure if I distant myself from you, you'll finally get to love Elliot back."

I begin to cry. It is hard to bare what I am feeling at the moment.

"But I didn't realize, I was actually hurting us both. I was more hurting myself so I decided to paint you black in my eyes. I'm sorry."

He kisses my palms again.

"When I heard you were now back with Elliot that night, I had to keep my temper to myself. It was hard, you know," he laughs and becomes serious again.

"Elvis said I have lost it. I was pushing you away and at the same time I didn't want to accept I could lose you...I have always loved you. And I still do. I don't know if it is because you have Jennifer's heart. I believe it is not because of that. The heart is just an organ that pumps blood through the body. First you were just the girl who reminded me of my dead wife. Everybody kept admiring you. It was quite... annoying. But through those two crazy friends of mine, I got to know you. And I fell for you."

I begin to smile. He didn't fall for me because I have his wife's heart inside of me but because he loves me for me...really.

"You didn't want to marry me. I told you the moment I leave your office, we were done. That even didn't scare you."

"You have no idea. Why do you think I chased after you?" He chuckles and holds my head in his palms.

"Well how then? It took you more than thirty minutes. I got here more than thirty minutes ago."

"You came to me asking, commanding me to marry you. I know you did it out of an impulse. You came there without a ring. And besides it sounded awkward. So I said no. I quickly went for the ring I had bought weeks ago. I went with Elvis to buy a ring for Eunice. And I saw one which was nice and shinny. I loved it and I was sure you would too, so I bought it."

Wow, Elvis is going to propose to Eunice. They both deserve happiness. I love them.

"So what do you say? Do you still want to marry me?"


I see him frown. He looks so confused and I burst out laughing.

"Of course I do, you silly guy."

He sighs and slips the ring on my finger. It fits perfectly well.

"It's beautiful. Thank you. I love you."

I throw my arms around his neck and we both kiss each other like we were never going to see each other again. I can tell the hunger in the kiss. But I have to tell him.

"Dan, I have to tell you something," I said while breaking away from his touch.

"Hmm? You just called me by my name."

"Are we ever going to have kids?"

"You said you wanted to tell me something. But you are asking, babe."

"Please answer me."

"Of course, what do you think? Thousands of them."

"What about now? Wouldn't you be bothered if I get pregnant now?"

"I'll be the happiest man on earth."

He smiles at me.

"I...I....I am pregnant."

He raises his eye brow.

"You are? Are you for real? How long has it been?" He sounded happy and confused at the same time.

"A month and some weeks."

"And you didn't think you could tell me?" He didn't sound angry.

"We weren't together when I found out. How was I supposed to tell you?"

He frowns and sighs before pulling me to him.

"Why do you ladies keep doing this to me? I'm always the last person to find out. Yours is even worse."

I smile at him.

"Thanks. I love you," he said.

I raise my head to see him smiling.

"I love you too."

We know what we want at the moment. Since we don't know who to make the first move, we both just stare into each other's eyes.

Then he leans closer and without warning he kisses me. The kiss is rough and I know what it means.

Goodness, I miss him. We miss each other.


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