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Three years later

Chloe's P.O.V

Daniel and I have been very happy with our kids. Mia is very protective of her younger sister, Sky. This week, Sky will be celebrating her birthday. She'll be three years old.

Eunice and Elvis were blessed with twins; Sheriff and Caleb. They celebrated their birthday, just last month. It is amazing how two years old boys look so strong and handsome.

It took a long time for Mia to accept them, including her little sister. She had always wanted to be the only child. She used to cry when we carry Sky and not her. She wanted everybody to carry her at the same time.

As months went by, she began to like her and no one dares to touch her little sister without her consent.

Eunice and I had invited Grace to our wedding. We had to move on. And we can't move on if we are still angry with our past. Daniel was angry at first but I told him to give me this chance...the chance to thank Grace even though it sounded so bad.

"Hey, I'm home. Did you miss me?"

"Yes I did, Dear husband," I said playfully.

"What are those boxes? What are in them?," he asked as he walks closer to have a look.

"You ordered all these dolls for Mia and Sky?" He asked with a big frown.

"Yes, I did. Mia wanted new ones. She said she's tired of playing with the old ones so I bought her and Sky new ones. You know there's no way Mia will allow me to buy them for only her."

"And you think you would just buy her new ones? What, because she said so?"

"It's OK, they need to be happy. I'll only be happy when my children are. Come, let me help you. Go inside and take a long shower and come downstairs so we'll eat. I was waiting for you, hun."

"Where are the kids?" He looks angry but I can see he's controlling himself.

"They are inside. I'm yet to carry the boxes inside. Since you are here, you can as well take them in."

He eyes me and picks the biggest box. I love him so much. Even though he's angry with me, he still does what I say.

He's been complaining about how I spoil the kids. I just can't help it. They are my life.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm planning on how to take my family out. Last week we went for a family walk, and tomorrow I am hoping we do the same to the ice cream shop for ice cream.

"Honey, tomorrow do you have any plans?"

He looks at me without uttering a word. And I continue anyways.

"Well, I was thinking if we could go and eat ice cream tomorrow. I hope you don't mind."

"I have an appointment tomorrow." He said and I know he's telling lies.

"Well then I'll go with them, alone. Goodnight."

"No, this conversation is not yet over, young lady. You keep spoiling the kids. It has become a daily activity. And a weekly one. Last month on Saturday we went out. Three weeks later, we did. Two weeks after, same. Just last week too, we went out. Now, tomorrow too you want us to go out?"

"Yes, if my kids want it, why should I say no? They want to go out frequently. I want to spoil them as long they are my children."

"Too bad. Because I won't allow you to do that. They are also MINE!!! Nobody is going out tomorrow, and that is final."

That's not fair. I nod my head and turn my back to his side. I feel so hurt. I can't even take my kids out because their dad thinks I'm spoiling them.

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