Chapter 26

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Ariana's POV:

"You know I've been taking some time
And I've been keeping to myself
I had my eyes up on the prize  
Ain't watching anybody else" I turned up the volume of Liam's strip that down as I danced along it.

I had shifted back to my home.. Well not mine, Xavier's but you get what I'm saying. It's been a day since I came back from hospital. Em, Josh and the guys came here to meet me. Austin isn't really happy with me living at Xavier's but he has no choice. Our parents locked our house and they have given the keys to Xavier's parents who aren't here at the moment.

I wasn't allowed to leave my bed or my room for that matter. It sucked here and I didn't do anything apart from watching on Netflix.

Netflix is heaven! I finished watching Thirteen Reasons Why and I would be lying if I said that I didn't cry throughout the whole 7 tapes. And me being on my periods didn't help it at all!

Clay didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't his fault. Yes he ignored it but it wasn't his fault. His tape wasn't relevant. He didn't deserve that and neither did Zach. I was so curious to know about what Clay did wrong. It wasn't what I had expected it would be. It's really sad that the next season is coming in 2018! It too long for my liking.

I was dancing along the song in just Austin's shirt (Don't ask. He doesn't know that I stole it and I'll kill you if you tell him) and an underwear. I was so engrossed in my dancing that I didn't notice someone coming inside the room until that person cleared their throat.

I turned around so fast that I wouldn't be surprised if I had gotten a whiplash. My eyes widen as I stared at the person standing in front of me.

Yup, you've guessed it right! It's XAVIER FREAKING KNIGHT!

I felt heat crawling up my neck as I tried to hide my embarrassment with chuckling. It came out more like a shark being strangled. Wait, do sharks have a voice? Have they ever been strangled before?


How long was he standing there for? Did he see me dancing?!


"Nice moves you've got there princess" his highness spoke in his oh so glorious voice *insert eye roll here please*

"Ha ha" I chuckled nervously. I noticed his eyes ranking over my body and stopping at my legs for a few seconds before  they were fixed on my chest.

"See something you like there?" HOW THE HELL DID I GET ENOUGH CONFIDENCE TO SAY THIS?!

"You can't like something which isn't there" Opss

Do you need Aloe Vera because you just got burnttttt!

There goes my brain, mocking me. Wow!

"Whatever" I muttered "What do you want?"

"Soup's ready. Move your pretty little butt and get it from downstairs"

"Bruh you came all the way from downstairs just to tell me that the soup is ready?! Couldn't you just bring it for me, you lazy piece of a potato"

"Says the queen of laziness" he rolled his eyes

"I'm not lazy! I'm just on the energy saving mode" I stuck my tongue out at him

"Really?" I nodded "Then prove it to me that you're not lazy. Go downstairs and get your soup. You have..." He looked down at his phone "-one minute and 10 seconds." I looked at him and saw him counting. Without thinking, I dashed out of the room and to downstairs.

I saw a bowl of soup perfectly placed on the kitchen Island. I grabbed it and tried to run upstairs as fast as I could without dropping my soup.

Throwing open the door, I saw Xavier laying on my bed with his hands behind his head and his signature smirk plastered on his face.


"Y-you" I panted. "I-I will... Kill.. You"

"And this is how you make someone do something. I deserve an award!" He patted himself on the head with a victorious smirk. I'll show you who's the queen here kid.

I smiled at him sweetly as I fluttered my eye lashes. He visibly gulped. Just you wait, you idiot! I ain't no kid!

I went near him and poured the whole bowl on him. Don't worry, it wasn't that hot or so I thought. He yelped. Ok maybe the soup was kinda hot but hey! It wasn't my fault! He messed with the wrong person here.

I couldn't help but laugh at the way he screamed like a girl or how he jumped around because the soup was hot. I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it though.

I tried to control myself by breathing slowly but when I saw him, his cheeks red and his hair sticky due to the soup, I burst out laughing again and this time, he glared at me.

"Run" this was enough for me to dash out of the room and run for my life with Xavier hot on my tail. I ended up running like a maniac around the kitchen's Island.

I was so caught up in trying to save myself that I couldn't help when someone called my name. I looked up. Wrong move! I felt something thick on my head and realised that Xavier threw an egg at me. He had a lot of eggs with him.


I tried to get the tomatoes from the fridge as soon as I could and threw one at him. It hit his face.


He wiped it from his face and by then, I had already taken out the flour from the cabinet. I threw a fist full of flour at his face. Hah! Beat that!

I closed my eyes tightly because something went in my eye. When I opened them again, I was greeted with ketchup. I saw Xavier holding a big bottle of ketchup. Grabbing the mayonnaise, I squeezed the bottle at his face.

I aimed one of the tomatoes at his legs but it hit somewhere else. Ahem ahem. Xavier looked shocked to say the least

By the time we were done, the kitchen looked like a tornado ruined it. And this is how we ended up lying on the floor, laughing like maniacs.

If anyone came, they would be shocked to see what the kitchen looked like. It was a mess! And we were covered in food. We threw anything we could find at each other.


Uh oh!

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