Chapter 25: In which I train

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Darkness does not always equate to evil, 

just as light does not always bring good.



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I couldn't figure out why Elden was there. The Queen had assigned him to me, but didn't I already have Lizzy as a bodyguard?

And what was with her behavior? Not once did she call me dear, I noted quickly in my head.

Something was off. Like she was holding herself back. I knew the danger though that the Queen had warned me of. How I knew of the danger.

It was all too real to my mind of the crippling cycle that seemed to be trapped within life mates. What do you do when you lose a piece of your soul? That's the question that is asked of when a life mate loses their loved one.

It's crippling enough just to lose someone you love. But through the bond of life mate, you literally form an attachment to them. Your souls merge together. Such a violent tear can only result in the want of your erasement. Because you know that your life will never be whole again.

All these thoughts filtered through my mind as I followed Elden to the training grounds. I had read countless books on life mates because of my father's actions. Back when I was looking for a solution, a cure- anything to help him.

Now the thought scared and amazed me at the same time. I had a life mate. I could suffer the same fate as my father.

Be the sun

I chanted my motto to myself. These were too heavy a thoughts to think so early in the morning. I couldn't think of the future and what could be. I could only think of the now. The present.

Rounding the last corner, I saw a sight that made me smile.

Lizzy was bouncing around, doing her warm-ups, all the while asking a nervous Gavin and a glaring Alto questions.

"Do we really need shirts for this guys? I mean, I say we split up and form teams! You be skins and Fayette and the new hunk she brought and I will be shirts!"

Her thoughts were met with silence.

"Hey not everyone rush to take their shirt off," she said, laughing at herself.

Her eyes lit up when they saw me. "Fayette!" She squealed rushing towards me.

"Hey Lizzy," I said, laughing at how bright and amazing she was.

"Ready to kick some wolf booty?" She questioned, her fangs slightly showing in her grin.

Gavin saw and stepped forward, "you can partially shift?" he questioned, his eyes holding astonishment.

"I was a pack warrior once," Lizzy said proud, "one of the best, I know how to fully and partially shift. My little baby girl over here though," Lizzy motioned towards me, "only knows basic fighting skin skills."

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