Silence's kids

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"I don't care if it will cause trouble to the stupid pack! I just want Rose back!"

I've never seen Olive so mad. When we both got the news that Rose had gone missing we raced to Alex's office. I was surprised to see he was alone and sitting in his chair as calm as he could be. But when we asked what he was going to do, he responded with the craziest thing ever. Nothing.

He wasn't going to do anything. Only because it was going to ruin his pack if they started anything with Robert. I was going to lash out but I remembered that lashing out is something Rose would get angry about. I'm training now and if I want to prove to Rose that I am a capable student to be taught by her then I have to stop lashing out at people.

That didn't stop Olive from lashing out though.

"I already know you two are mates so shouldn't you be going after her? You don't care about anyone but the pack. But you need to realize that Rose is part of this pack whether you like it or not. At least I consider her part of my family, what about you?"

Well, she is part of your family but you wouldn't know that, Sophie.

"I know my part as the alpha Olivia, you should know yours. Go back to your room, I'll deal with it privately. I'll see what Robert wants and we can be reasonable about this."

Alex (like me) seemed a bit taken off by Olive's outburst in the beginning but he composed himself. It was pretty cool how he didn't lose his cool in front of Olive or yelled at her. I'll never say that out loud though.

Olive glared at Alex but she didn't yell. "Jackon, let's go," she said as she turned toward the door and I followed a few steps behind her. 


I stopped. What did he want? I stayed quiet the whole time, I didn't do anything wrong. I turned around trying to keep calm like I've been doing since I heard the news about Rose. "Yes?"

He looked me up and down, oddly I felt like I was being sized up. "Please refrain from rubbing your rebellious attributes to my younger sister."

Don't lash out. Don't lash out. Don't lash out.

I took a deep breath, "I'll try my best."

And I walked out closing the door behind me. "What did he want?"

Olive was waiting by the wall. I started walking down the hallway with her following right next to me. "Just making sure you are in good hands, I guess."


I nodded and opened the door to my room and once Olive was inside I closed it behind her. "You know I'm going to go find her, right?" I asked walking toward my drawer to find some stuff before heading out.

"I know, that's why after you finish packing I'm going to get my emergency backpack and go with you," she responded in a heartbeat. 

I wasn't surprised it was in her character to do whatever he wants. Olive considers Rose a sister, even if she doesn't know she is her actual sister. "I thought you were sad about Rose ignoring you."

Olive has been asking about Rose ever since she started ignoring her. Olive was scared she did something wrong or she somehow made Rose angry. I had to assure her that everything was fine and Rose was just having trouble with Alex. She didn't believe me, she knew there was something more.

A frown appeared on Olive's soft expression. "Yeah, I was. But I have to put that aside right now. Rose needs us, I will do anything to bring her back home."

I nodded while grabbing my backpack from under Rose's bed. Her jacket fell out with everything and I grabbed it. "Olive, I need to tell you something."

It was about time to tell her. Besides not telling Olive is probably killing Rose on the inside. It's now or never, sorry Rose.


"There is no easier way to say this but, the girl who you have been hanging out with the girl you think is my Silence. She has been Silence ever since my pack was destroyed," I said very fast in hopes that she probably will not catch what I said. I turned around and put on the jacket. Without waiting for Olive's response I grabbed my backpack and walked over to the restroom to but in something.

"That could have waited for another chapter," I heard her say.

She caught everything I said. "Look, Rose doesn't like anyone knowing. Since you can't shift yet you can't sense the power radiating off of her. She has enough power surrounding her to make people think she is the daughter of an alpha but if she were to shift...may she have mercy."

"Wait, so this whole time..."


"Why--how could I have not known? Is there anything else I don't know?"

I looked at her straight in the eyes letting the silence in the air answer the question for her. "Oh."

"Look if it were me, I would tell you everything but we don't have time. Go get your backpack, I'll meet you here and we'll find a way to escape together," I instructed. I was in a bit of a hurry and I hoped that Olive would quickly get her stuff so we could be on our way.

"Okay," she nodded as she headed to the door but she turned back around to give me a huge smile. "Thank you for letting me come along. Most people would have told me to stay but you didn't, thank you," she ran up to me and placed a quick kiss on my cheek.

She ran out of the room in a rush and left me frozen with a blushed face.


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