Chapter 26: In which it darkens

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-Tell me something you are afraid of? 

(Eternity. Oblivion. crowded rooms and authority figures and being alone too long and you, I'm terrified of you because you have the power to destroy me and you don't even know it, you have no idea. I'm less afraid of dying than I am of losing you and that scares me too.) 

   -I'm not afraid of anything. 

-Lair. Everyone is afraid of something. 

~things i wish you'd never asked| jph

~things i wish you'd never asked| jph

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The crash broke me from my slumber. Or at least I think it did. I just felt a jolt go through my body. As if I had been walking down the stairs and missed a step.


The noise finally registered to me, and I swiftly got up from the couch.

Running into the kitchen, I found my father sitting on the floor, small cuts and drops of blood forming on his hands as he picked up the pieces of glass.

"Oops," he said.

I watched as some shards of glass entered into his flesh, but he never showed any pain.

"Daddy made a mess," father said, "stay away Fayette, I don't want you to hurt yourself. Don't touch anything, Okay?"

I nodded, slowly backing away from the kitchen to watch from the safety of the doorway.

"Can you go get Daddy a broom Fayette?"

I raced to the little closet in the hall to do what father had asked me.

Coming back, I silently handed him the broom and dustpan. He quickly swept the small shards up and wiped the floor down with a wet rag.

"Coast is all clear now! You can come in Fayette," father said.

I approached slowly, looking at the ground to make sure it really was safe.

I stopped in front of father, looking up at his tall frame.

He bent down, coming eye level with me.

It was probably the first time he had really looked me in the eyes since-

"You look so much like her," he whispered.

He reached a hand out, softly stroking one of my cheeks. I flinched as I felt the wet blood make contact with my skin.

I dared not say anything.

"So much," he said again as he continued to stroke my cheek.

Over and over and over and over. Hours I stood while he looked into my eyes, a sky of blue looking into the meadow of the green.

Blue and green and swirls and fangs and blood and-

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