"it's okay."

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can i call you?

she tilts her head at his message before she checks the clock in front of her, telling her that it's almost two o'clock in the morning. she sits up and lays her back to the wall behind her with her blanket wrapped around her.

sure, what happened?

a minute after she sent her reply, kim donghyun pops out on her phone-screen. she places her phone on her ear and she hears him, sobbing quietly. she presses her phone closer in worried, hoping that she misheard it, but no, he's crying.

"donghyun, what happened?" she asks in worried tone.

instead of replying, his sobs gone harder than before and she becomes more worried. she calls out his name once again and the result is the same. "donghyun, let's just meet up at the park, okay?"

and he cuts the line which means he's going to the place that she mentioned before. she puts her jacket and her sandals on before taking a fast walk to the park to meet him. as she walks to the park, she wonders what happened to him. she knew that he gets easily cried sometimes, but its been a long time since the last time he cried.

as she reaches the park, she found him, lowering his head and his shoulder goes up and down as he cried. she takes a seat down beside him, placing her arms around his shoulder as she rests her head on his shoulder. "donghyun-ah, what happened to you?"

"do you think i'd be able to debut?" he raises his head a little before sighing heavily, "i, i get eliminated."

she pats his shoulder lightly as she frowns at his statement. she knew how determined donghyun is, she knew how hard-working donghyun is although sometimes he told her, he wanted to give up on his dream which is a total lie because the next time she met him, he'd be with his guitar, making another song to show her with a big smile on his face while saying, "rhymer like this song!"

"hey, just because you get eliminated from that show. it doesn't mean that you have no talent, donghyun-ah. its just because they didn't give the screen time you deserve. believe me, you are better than you think you are. and many people love you! if they don't, you still have me anyway. so, be more greedy, will you?" she pokes his shoulder as she said the last words while puffing her cheeks.

donghyun looks to her direction, finding her with a big smile on her face that always warm his heart. he turns his body, hugging her tightly afterward. he places his head on the crook of her shoulder, inhaling her vanilla scene while closing his eyes. "thank you." he mumbles. "thank you for being here with a sad and devastated version of kim donghyun right now."

"that's what friend is for, right?"

"girlfriend." donghyun exclaims lightly, making her chuckle.

"alright, girlfriend it is." she ruffles his hair, "then, let's get your favorite melon milk and jajjangmyeon tomorrow, okay? it's freaking 2 o'clock in the morning. you should get some rest."

"in your apartment room?" she glares at him playfully, "your room is like two rooms away from me. go sleep in your room, dong-dong."

he pulls his head from his shoulder with a frown on his face. she rolls her eyes and stands up from the bench, hands in the pocket, while looking down at the guy, who claims to be her boyfriend. "fine, you could if you can catch me!"

and donghyun runs a little bit too fast.

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