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she remembered the first time she saw him. it was a few days after she transferred to busan high-school and he was playing basketball with the other girls chanting his name loudly, making her flinched at how loud they are and he noticed her, judging at the girls, that made him chuckle before throwing another shoot.

later that day, he showed up in front of her and her new friends with two cans of ice lemon tea on both of his hand. she raised her eyebrows and he tilts his head a little, telling her friends to move away indirectly before showing her his killer smile, "hey, i'm sorry if those girls were making you feel uncomfortable. so here, i bought you a drink. hope you like-"

before he finished his word, she shook her head. "i hate lemon tea." she stated with a frown on her face, "but thank you, sunbae. i think yoojung would like this since she's staring at it right now." she tilted her head to her friend's direction, who's actually staring at two of them, not the freaking ice tea, "and don't turn your face at her. she'd feel embarrassed."

he laughed quietly at her actions before nodding his head, "fine, i wouldn't turn my head." he looks at her, who's more focused on the tea. "anyway, i'm youngmin."

"i know, im youngmin right? those girls were whispering loud enough for me to hear your name."

he laughed while rubbing his nape awkwardly as he peeked his eyes at her, waiting for her to introduce herself, but instead, she only snapped her head to his direction to say that her mom was waiting for her at home without introducing herself back at him. she left him, dumb-founded, but before she's gone from his sight, he shouted at her. "ya! what's your name?"

she stopped her track, turning her head back to his direction with a cheeky smile. "guess it by yourself!"

and one day, after many months that youngmin waste to get close to her, to melt her cold heart, to be someone that would make her smile just by saying his name, he finally confessed his feeling for her on their school's rooftop,

and she said yes to him, without knowing the real im youngmin.

he might be a sweetheart that wouldn't do any harm to anyone in front of everyone's eyes, but that night, the night that she thought they'd be celebrating their 100 days together happily, she, instead, found out the real him.

she stood up in front of his car with her eyes tearing up at the sight of him with another girl, kissing each other's faces. she stood there, watching both of them with mixed feelings, until he finally noticed her, looking weak. but did he say sorry to her? no, not at all, he didn't even walk out and explained anything. he just sat there in his car, smirking at her.

that day, she completely erased him and all the memories that they spend together for months. she threw out all their pictures, all his letters, his numbers, his shirt that she borrowed, anything. she didn't know im youngmin and she doesn't want to know about im youngmin. not anymore.

not until five years later,

"kim doyeon." he muttered in silent.

"hello sunbae, it's nice to meet you here." she smiled.

not until five years later, she found him in front of her, this time not as her ex because that is the last thing she wanted everyone know is her heartbreak that he caused. so, this time, she would just say to everyone that she is just a junior from his high school.

and from today onwards, things are going to be messy, probably not for doyeon, but it would be extra hard youngmin.

because kim doyeon, is the best thing he ever had.

kya what am i writing.

and yes, i'm using kim doyeon as the girl bcs hell she's so pretty.

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