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he was late for his work that day, but thanks to his long legs he wasn't that late. he panted as he reached the office, making the receptionist looked at him in worried yet funny at the same time.

"the boss isn't here yet. calm down, youngmin." she chuckled as she continued painting her nails, "anyway you got yourself a very pretty co-worker. you better thanks jisung oppa for recruiting her."

he turned his head at her then to the office. he fixed his strained body before taking his way inside while wondering who could the pretty girl could be. in his head, he imagined someone as pretty as BoA or Shin Yumi, he smiled cheekily at the thought of having a pretty girl as his co-worker. as he reached his place, the new girl wasn't in her place which placed across of his table. he shrugged his shoulder lightly and decided to check some emails that he hasn't replied.

she came back to her seat a few minutes after placing her glass on the pantry and she found her co-worker now. the face was covered by the wall between them. she tilted her head a little to get a look, but there is no chance, until Jisung broke her curiosity by clapping loudly.

"hello my workers," he greeted two of them as the head of them, "have you guys greet each other? you two will be working together for now, so get to know each other."

youngmin snorted playfully at jisung's remark about getting to know each other because he knew how much jisung wants him to date, someone. he raised his head a little to peek at the girl and when he did that, she also did the same thing. they both stared at each other for a minute, in shock.

"kim doyeon." he muttered silently.

she curled her fist under the table tightly, but placing a smile on her face. "im youngmin sunbae, nice to see you here." she greeted him with a soft tone.

youngmin knew it so well that the smile and the soft tone that she used is all fake. for fuck's sake, they were together for months. she lowered her head and continued checking her works while youngmin still staring at her in shock.

"sunbae, why are you staring like that? you should get your work done." she raised her chin to look up at him, again with a smile.

with that, he lowered his head and sighed quietly. he ran his fingers through his black hair and she noticed him and his habit when he had so many thoughts on his mind right now.

at lunch hour break, youngmin took this opportunity to gain all of his courage to talk to her, but jisung took him away right after he stood up from his seat. jisung wiggled his eyebrows at him and giving him a cheeky smile.

"so, how's my pick? should i ask her to join our lunch as well? oh yes i am." before youngmin said anything, jisung raised his arm in the air already. "doyeon-ah! join us! we're a team, so we stick together, okay?"

doyeon could only let out a small awkward chuckle at jisung. you don't know who is this guy anyway, act cool! doyeon thought as she followed his leader to the canteen.

while the three of them walked together, youngmin couldn't help but steal some glances at her every now and then. she didn't change that much, but she's surely becoming more pretty than before. her hair is longer but still thick, her makeup is very natural, she also looks more mature with her outfit right now, and her aura, it's the same aura that she had when she still closed her heart for him, and by that means, she closed her heart again. he stared at her long enough for jisung to noticed.

"is our doyeon so pretty for you?" youngmin startled by the question.

"no need to answer that sunbae." she butted in, with a stern yet soft voice.

"eh, sunbae? you guys went to same school or something?" jisung gasped, indeed a gossip person. "tell me, tell me."

youngmin rubbed his nape, "ah she's my-"

"i was his junior by a year. so, basically, when my parents transferred me to his high school, he's preparing for his graduation and uni exams. we didn't talk much before.... but he was really popular! many girls like him a lot." she exclaimed, nudging youngmin's shoulder playfully.

"do you also have a crush on him?" jisung leaned closer as he places his hand on his ear in a joking manner.

doyeon looked at youngmin, who was looking back at her with an anticipating look. she smiled at jisung and shook her head, "no. never. not at all. not even a little bit." she replied while staring into his eyes which caused the tension to be awkward. jisung was about to open his mouth to cooed, but without her realizing as well, she continued,

"youngmin sunbae had so many girls around him back then. day or night, there will be a girl around him, and they are way prettier than me, so i don't think there is a chance for me to be with him. by that, i decided to have a crush on the other guy, who fits my criteria better than youngmin sunbae."

doyeon blinked her eyes, realizing her action that shut the noisy jisung, she bowed her head a little and took her feet away from them only to get chased by the guy she hates the most. she walked as fast as she could, but he caught her by her arm. he turned her around to face him and placed his hands on her shoulder to stop her from running.

"why?" he asked her with a sad tone.

"what why? what happened, youngmin sunbae?"

"stop calling me with sunbae! for god's sake doyeon! we were together for months. are you going to treat me like a stranger?" he groaned.

doyeon moved his hands away from her shoulder, "we were together for months? oh, why can't i remember any memories that i spend with you? i think you mistaken me as the girl you kissed in your car. now, please excuse me." she turned her back to his direction coldly.

"doyeon, i'm sorry! i was a fucking jerk, i know. but please, don't be like this."

she stopped her track and laughed, "sunbae, let's just start over since we're an adult anyway, but this time i would like to tell you that i wouldn't fall in love with you. would never ever fall in love with you."

with that, she was gone from his sight. he kicked a trash can, hard enough for it to roll over, and jisung, immediately popped out from nowhere (he was actually hiding and listening to their arguments), stopping him from doing other weird things.

doyeon, on the other hand, laid her back to the wall behind her with her head hanging low and tears rolling down to the floor.

maybe just maybe, she still have that feeling for him. and maybe just maybe, she couldn't forget him after all this time.

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