Well Damn...

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       My damned mother.... she looked at me in disgust.  "What you looking at? Oh right YOUR daughter!" I exclaimed and  grabbed Kat's hand and walked to my truck.
      "Where to?" I ask while turning my key in ignition. "Post-office" she simply replied. We quickly dropped off the newly mailed invites then headed to our little town park we hang out at.
      "Who do you think your mate is Kat?" I ask since her birthday is about a week after mine.
      "I don't know really. Maybe a fellow Delta?" she says it more as a question. "We'll just have to wait and see."
      I run to the swings like a three year old. I jump on a swing causing Kat to chuckle. "I swear your a three year old Art." "Mentally I am." I reply. She just shakes her head then looks up, her eyes widening.
      Suddenly a pair of arm incircle my waist making me sqeak, I literally squeaked.  I was about to scream till a felt the tingles. "The fuck? Really Jackson?" I say becoming annoyed, "Are you stalking me?" He just chuckles.
      "Depends on how you look at it..." He starts making me slap him on the back of the head. I realized he was still holding me by the waist.
     "Mind putting me down?" I question.
     "Nah I'm fine" he replies stubbornly. 
     "Put me down." I demand glaring at him making him put me down. 
     "Ok,ok your down."
      Kat is waiting for me to attack him or at least slap him again. "What do you want?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.
      "I wanted to ask you something." He says sheepishly.
      "Ask me what?" I ask making him rub the back of his neck.
     "Willyougoonadatewithme?" he rushes out.
     "Slower please." I reply.
     "Will you go on a date with me?" he ask making me gape at him.
     "She would love to!" Kat screams making my head snap in her direction. He looks to me for clarification. 
     "I guess so." I said making him pick me up and spin me around. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck. When he stopped   I looked into his eyes and got lost in them. We just stared at each other till someone cleared their throat making me unwrap my arms from his neck and drop to the ground. I landed on my feet thankfully.
       After he left, "You Loooooovvveeeee him" Kat exclaims making me blush. "I KNEW IT!" she screams out in excitement.
      "Shut up!" I say,blushing even more. Kat sighs in awe, "Young Love... so beautiful." She says making me laugh. "Now don't go soft on me Kat!"
      "I'm-" she was cut off by a rogue slipping out of the woods, stalking toward us.
      "Well shit." I said, obviously frustrated,"Go to the truck Kat. Now." She runs to the truck making the rogue go after her till I tackle it to the ground. I quickly clamp it mouth shut.
      "Rogue Problem at the park." I mindlink my dad and Beta Edward. The rogue starts to stuggle making me growl. "Stay still." I growl in the most vicious tone I could manage.
       My dad's brown wolf emerge from the forest. He growls at the rogue. My father doesnt take rogue on the territory lightly. I climb off of the rogue when my dad grabs it by the scruff of the neck.
       I climb into the car to find a petrified Kat. "Kat it's ok. Its gone." I say in a soothing tone. I drive to her parent's home that is on the territory and carry her up to the front porch. I set her down and knock. Kat's father opens it up and looks at Kat. "Rogue" is all I say as I hand Kat to him.
       I drive to the pack house and h rd and head to the the dungeon only to be stopped by Marissa
      "Artemis!" she shrieks.
      "Fuck off Marissa." I say and head to the dungeon entrance.
      "Move Zac." I demand.
      "No can do Artemis. Your father said you have to sit this one out." he says making me groan.
       I stay and chat with Zac till my dad is done. He finshes when Zac and I are in a heated arugement about we what candy is better. I say Milk Duds but he says Twizzlers.
     I finally win the agrument when Zac gives up. After I stop and say Hi to the moms in the kicthen I head back home. I find Beck and Hope on the couch eating each others faces while Hunter looks at them in disgust.
     "MY EYES MY POOR VIRGIN EYES" I scream, "GET A ROOM!" Beck glares at me and I just flip him off like I usually do. Beck basically hates Matt and I because we're the reason "mom" left.
      Hope looks confused. "Hey Hunt? Where's Marie?" I ask.
      "She upstairs with Ghost." Ghost is my blue-eyed pure white Wolf/Huskey hybrid. I race up the stairs to Marie playing tug of war with Ghost.
     "Hey fireball" I say.
     "FINALLY YOUR BACK!" she screams. Ghost notices me and I'm tackled to the ground by both of them.
     "Well hello to you too." I joke making Marie and I laugh while Ghost is wagging his tail at 100 mph.
      We chat till a little package is throw through my open window. There is a note taped to the package saying....

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