Chapter 27: In which it happens

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She is water

Powerful enough to drown you

soft enough to cleanse you

and deep enough to save you

~adrian michael 

~adrian michael 

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I felt like an old television set that was desperately trying to pick up a signal. My eyes were open, but all I saw was gray. I heard no noise. Nothing, except the static background.

Panic seeped into me as I laid there. I felt nothing. My skin contacted nothing.

I was trapped in my silent void, unable to register where I was.

I don't know how much time passed before my vision cleared out. The gray static soon fuzzed away. I felt lighter, my body exhausted on its own from the experience it had just gone through. Soon I could register the texture under my skin and the feel of cloth.

The static hum in my ears faded- as voices replaced it.

Angry voice.

"What's wrong, what's happening?!"

"Get the antidote!"


That one whispered word of pain caught my attention above the other shouts. I tried desperately to fight against the gray static that clung to my vision, but the more I fought, the harder it became.

"She's seizing!"

"Hold her!"

I felt warm, solid hands press me down. His hands. I would know those hands anywhere. I fought through the haze, trying to reach him but the static was too thick. I wanted him to know I was still there. I wanted to ask him what was going on.

But the static consumed me.

* * *

I woke to the steady beeping noise. I felt an uncomfortable air push its way into my nose. I raised my hand, pulling the source of it away.

"Fayette stop."

That voice.

I opened my eyes, closing them again when they met the lights.

I felt the instrument on my nose be readjusted and the uncomfortable air continue to force its way into me.

I flickered my eyes open, squinting them.

He sat next to me. I raised my hand, and he caught it, capturing it in his own.

He exhaled as our skin made contact. I got the bearings of the surrounding room.

My bedroom. I pushed my way up. He got up and helped me, lifting me into a sitting position.

"Wha-," I stopped short and winced at the ragged pull from my throat.

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