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"do you think there is something between them?"

after the things that happened on the first day of her job, people started talking about them, saying that they might have a some instead of a fight. and its all because of youngmin. why? because ever since she came and got her place right in front of him, it's hard for him to not looking at her although she tried very hard to cover her face behind the wall and everyone noticed his behavior which making doyeon had this mixed feelings between annoyed and that 'feel my pain' feeling.

"doyeon is pretty, i wouldn't stop staring at her as well if i'm a guy and youngmin is also very good-looking, i can't believe he's still single. if only i'm not a married woman, i'd be seducing him right now." another worker commented, making the first one nodded her head in agreement before they both prepared their leave.

doyeon, herself, is also busy putting all her things i to her bag as she gets ready to go home and youngmin, on the other hand, is already done with that and now, he is standing with his backpack while looking at her.

"i'll walk you home." he said, but sounds more like it's an order.

"i can go home by myself, sunbae." she replied in monotone without looking at him as she slings her bag to her shoulder and walks toward to the exit door, leaving him alone.

its been almost a week and she is still giving him a cold shoulder, not like he's surprised by it. he follows her to the door and stops his track in front of her, "it's already late."

she rolled her eyes as she scoffed in annoyed at him, "just leave me alone." she pushed him away from her way before closing the door immediately so he wouldn't follow her again.

but, nah. he was still following her to the lift and pressed the close button rapidly so it'd close faster and no one would join them. doyeon looked at him and shook her head in disbelief then busying herself with her phone until it reached the lobby.

"i'm still walking you home." he mumbled.

she curled her hand into a fist tightly to calm herself down. she didn't reply or even take a glance of him as he waited for her in front of the lift, she just walked pass him and he starts tailing behind her.

they didn't say anything on their way back to her house - wait no, it's more like doyeon didn't say anything every time youngmin talked about when their friends in high school, their teachers, or even the tteokbokki ahjumma who likes to tell doyeon that she's so lucky to have him. lucky my ass, doyeon cursed under her breath which makes youngmin snapped his head at her.

"i heard that."

"hm?" she hummed innocently, "something wrong, sunbae?"

youngmin nodded his head, "we, are wrong."

"tell me what could possibly wrong between a sunbae and his hoobae?"

"doyeon, you knew that we're more than-"

"oh, we've reached my apartment. thank you for walking me home, youngmin sunbae. and please, no need for you to walking me home again after this. it's uncomfortable for me." she sent him another fake smile that one probably couldn't differentiate between the fake one or the real one if they aren't close enough with the girl.

she bowed deeply and turned her heels away from him without taking a single look like she always do back then every time he walked her home. she would also jog back to him just to give him a peck on his both of his cheeks, but now, reality hits youngmin harder than he thought it would be.

he acknowledged himself as a jerk when he was in a relationship with her. he'd lie to her most of the nights, saying he's going to sleep early but instead, he's playing with another girl to please him. – and that night, when she found him, he didn't even try to hold her back, thinking he would be okay to be without her since there are many girls around him anyway, but none of them made him happy. he was okay, until he found her on another guy's arm, laughing like she used to when she was with him. he was okay, until he found a scrapbook that she made in their first month of being together, their photos together, and she looked really happy there while him, he was just a plain jerk.


she stopped her track as he calls her loudly in his dialect accent. she turned her head and finding him on his knees. "what the fuck are you doing? get up."

youngmin shook his head, not moving an inch. doyeon walks back to him and pulls him up from kneeling, but he kneels once again. she knits her eyebrows together and turns her way back to the entrance of her apartment.

"just go home, sunbae. it's already late." she said, loud enough for him to hear it before she walks in and closes the door behind her.

the summer wind is cold, but for youngmin, nothing is colder compares to doyeon when it comes to im youngmin.


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