Chapter 13

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The weekend was finally upon us. But obviously, that didn't mean we could catch a break. At all. The food and beverage industry moved like a bullet train.

"One day you're in, the next day you're out." Jon said imitating Heidi Klum.

"It's not like I hate doing this, but we have to have a day with a break." Claire said sipping her whiskey

It was 2 in the morning and all of us were currently lounging about on the balcony of Jon's fancy new house in the Upper West Side of New York. We decided to get drunk here instead of troubling nana with the cleaning. Jon had a maid and all. Like I said, fancy.

"That's why I think we should hire chefs who are just as good as we are to run the kitchen." I suggested

"Yea, the help we have now are good, but definitely not ready to take the task in themselves. They were just like us when we started working in kitchens. Maybe just 2 more?" Bree sighed

"Can we afford that?" Claire asked with a worried look on her face

"Yes we most definitely can." I said with confidence

I handled the accounts of ROSA'S and after the first week, we made way more than expected.

"Hey, at least we are closed on Sundays right?" Bree smiled with happiness

"Thank god.. I can have my friends back on the weekend." Jon dramatically entered the room with what seemed like.. PIZZA!

"Where did you get pizza at this hour?!" I yelled obviously with excitement

"Had some that was premade in the freezer. Just tossed it into oven." 

All of us grabbed a slice and then I managed to break the silence by saying "I forgot yo tell you guys, but I have a date tomorrow."

The alcohol was in full effect because they burst out laughing "Funny, we heard you say you have DATE." Claire said in between bellowing like a donkey

"Yea. I mean that's not something you tell us the day before. Cause we need to get you something other than jeans." they chuckled again then realized I was being serious.

"Oh. My. God. You're not kidding." Jon exclaimed

"I'm sending an email to my usual girl at the beauty place. Looks like you'll be getting everything done now." Bree pulled out her phone and started typing quickly.

"Guys, it's no biggie. It's just something I'm trying out. Just to get myself out there you know?"

"You don't have anything to wear. I think I'm getting a panic attack." Claire said seriously

"Trust me, we won't have time to go find anything tomorrow. You can just use one of our dresses. We have many to choose from." Bree held Claire's hands comforting her.

"Kat, do you even own a pair of heels?" Jon looked at me and when I shook my head indicating that I didn't, all three of them took swigs of whiskey straight out of the bottle.

"We could definitely go get some shoes. Nothing too high but definitely from our little friend Mr.Louboutin." they giggled

"Yea yea whatever. You guys know I'm not really into brands and stuff." I rolled my eyes

"That's going to change. Trust me. As long and you're friends with us, we WILL teach you." Claire said triumphantly

"I mean, I know the brands and stuff. My mother could win the Olympics for shopping. It's just that I never really felt the need to spend so much on clothes. I always felt in the dark about that. I'm glad I have you guys."

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