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"doyeon-ah, i'm sorry but i think you're going to work till late today."

doyeon stared at the pile of papers that jisung handed to her before turning her gaze at the older one. "when is the deadline?"

jisung scratched his neck and smiles sheepishly at her, "tomorrow's afternoon, ehe." and if jisung isn't her head or something, she'd kill him, but in the reality, she could only stare at him in disbelief and sighed.

as the night comes, the workers are slowly leaving to go back home, but not for youngmin. he stays there for her while playing with the game that he downloaded on his computer without saying anything to doyeon (since she won't reply him anyway.) she knew that he was waiting for her and she feels a little bit glad since she hates being alone in a room, and again, she won't say that out loud to him.

she stood up from her chair and his eyes immediately follow her, "where are you going?" he asked, a little bit too immediately and a little bit too worried.

"wow wow chill, sunbae." she raises her hands, waving it in stop manner. "i was just going to the bathroom."

youngmin made an o with his mouth while nodding his head like a hawaiian doll. it was quite weird that she answered him when he least expecting and it's not like it didn't make him happy or whatsoever.

after few moments, he smelled his favorite drink scent which is her hot chocolate, that filled the empty office room. he turns his head to its direction and finds her, frowning, with her mug and his mug on both of her grips. "why did you turn your body?" right, she hates it when someone caught her doing something that meant to be a surprise.

youngmin chuckled and immediately turned his head back to the computer, "alright, let's pretend that i don't."

she rolled her eyes and placed his mug on his table without saying anything as she went back to her table, sipping the hot chocolate that she made earlier. she knew, showing him a little affection might bring her to the dark side once again, but at the same time, she knew exactly how much he loves her hot chocolate besides she promises to herself she won't fall for him again, right?

i should just play it cool, she thought.

"aaaah, it's been a long time since i had the best hot chocolate." he exclaimed in excited, revealing his busan accent as he showed his big smile to doyeon as he raised his mug. "thank you so much, doyeon. by the way, how did you know this is my mug?"

"because the pattern is plaid and you love- eeeh, never mind. just by feeling." youngmin smiled even bigger knowing that she just stated that she still remember something about it while doyeon placed her palm over her face in embarrassed. "don't be too happy."

"do you still like hotteok?" he asked, randomly and she replied it with a small nod. "there is a good hotteok place around here, do you want to get one later?"

"just because i gave you a drink that doesn't mean-"

"two hotteoks."

"that doesn't mean that i want to go out with-"


"it better tastes good like the one in front of our school." youngmin dissolved into a small laughter at her respond while shaking his head in funny as he continues his game in the computer.

and for doyeon, she really hates for acknowledging this but she has to say that it makes her heart warm a little behind the wall between them. she knocks her head lightly to bring her back to the reality as she's secretly peeking at the guy with a small smile.

different than any other night that they both spent before with youngmin, saying sorry for billion times and doyeon, giving him the coldest shoulder. this night doesn't seem that bad for both of them. the silences between them didn't also feel awkward. the slow music that youngmin played to accompany them somehow fits and the hot chocolate also keeps their bodies and their hearts warm.


"ah, it's raining." doyeon mumbled as she stopped her track on the door.

youngmin pulled out his umbrella that probably could only fit a person from his bag and gave it to her. she looked at the umbrella and shook her head without saying anything. he lets out a sigh and placed the umbrella in her hand. "i know you like rain, but please, use this. it's already late to play under the rain now."

"what about you?" youngmin raised his eyebrows in quite a shock, "don't give me that look or i will seriously stop being nice."

"jeez. let's just share it, okay?"

he took the umbrella from her, opening it before placing it above them. doyeon hesitated for a moment but then she didn't want him to sacrifice himself in the rain for a girl like her – wait, he should be. he treated me like a shit before. ugh, whatever. she bit her lips and took a step forward him, making them stand closer.

that was probably the first time, she ever standing this close to him after five years. his features are still the same, he somehow still got a baby fat on his cheek, and his hair, it's shorter and neater than before. his eyes, her favorite, are still sparkling like before and again, she hates to admit it but his eyes are, still her favorite and they still make her weak. – she gulped her saliva and moved her gaze away from him.

while walking down the road to the hotteok place, everyone but doyeon could see that half of his body was drenched by the rain, but he didn't even think about it because he was busy covering her whole body from the rain instead of both of them while listening to her stories about the girl in the office.

"ah, here is the place." he said, letting doyeon to take a step inside first as he folds the umbrella. "the smell is so nice, right?"

she hummed for the respond and starts ordering the food before she notices his drenched shoulder, "ya im youngmin, why didn't you tell me to move aside? you're so wet right now. aren't you cold?" she touched his wet side while knitting her eyebrows at the coldness because of the rain.

"if i said yes, would you warm me up?"

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