24| Anger and Advice

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I watched her from across the room as I took a seat with my brothers, their focus split between the two of us as they tried to comprehend the display I had put on for everyone to see. Lola tried her best not to meet my gaze after the vulgar set of words I had recited to her, but it was like a compulsion between us—the both of us waiting for the other to break, the magnetised force between us getting stronger with everything that we did, preparing for the day that we both gave each other exactly what we wanted the most.

For a long time I thought all I wanted was to fuck her, but I had been so wrong.

Before Liam could start joking around, my phone began to ring, the generic ringtone filling the air between us. Their spines straightened as I quickly dug it out my of pocket, their gazes on me as my eyes flickered over the caller's I.D.

"It's him." I let out a curse.

Fuck. All I had wanted was one night of peace, but like a vulture, he had sensed my idleness and had decided to ruin it.

I answered the call before it went to voicemail.

There was no greeting, or small talk. Just his demands ringing true.

"I need you at the address I just texted you in an hour, and make sure to bring your brothers too." There was a pause. "Even James." He singled him out as he always did, hanging up before I had a chance to speak.

I tried to breathe through most of my anger, but it was no use.

Robbie watched me with a raised brow, his gaze flickering to the phone in my hand—sighing with my exhaustion as they all waited for me to speak.

"We need to hit the road." I got up from my seat again after barely having relaxed in it, my gaze flickering behind the bar for a moment.

I memorised each of her features, taking in the colouring of her cheeks as they turned pink when she saw me staring at her. She was starting to become an addiction to me, a drug I needed to take so that I could continue on with my miserable existence.

One day, even she wouldn't be enough for me. One day, the only thing that would be capable of stopping my misery was a bullet through my fucking head.

It didn't take long for us to get on the road, the silence and heavy tension mixing with the light patter of rain and the low hum of the car engine. Liam and James were both sitting in the back, and Robbie had surprisingly taken the passenger seat, and for the most part, everyone took turns staring down at their phones and then looking out of their windows when their phones stopped being interesting.

The address Victor had sent was at least a couple of hours away from Cullfield, and despite the time of night he required our presence, he always expected us to be punctual.

"Since yesterday I've been sensing a lot of unresolved tension between the three of you, and quite frankly I'm bored—so out of the kindness of my heart, I'm willing to be everyone's therapist for the next." Liam paused, probably to look at the time. "Twenty minutes." He decided as he leaned forward in his seat, his hands resting on the back of Robbie's headrest.

"Unless you want to walk the rest of the way, I suggest you shut the fuck up instead." I gritted out, my hands tightening around the steering wheel in retaliation.

Right now, silence was the safest thing for all of us when there was nothing here that had the capability of fixing my volatile mood. For one, we were driving tens of miles away from the only woman who could probably calm me the fuck down—and two, we were driving towards the man who made me feel like a fucking minefield.

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